Kathleen W. – Within and Without, Above and Below – 7-11-14

images-5Written by Kathleen W., The Golden Age of Gaia, July 10, 2014

It feels to me like we’re in a big pot of Love being stirred up by the Divine Mother! And lots is coming up to be looked at, not only within but without as we play in the Mother’s Waves, the Tsunami of Love.

I’ve been studying the Universal Laws. They’re all about balance and state that every thought and every action should be in alignment with Love.

Sanat reminded us that Universal Laws are the guidelines laid down by the Mother/Father One. When we’re seeking to eliminate or clear issues or blockages, the Universal Laws can help us determine what’s not in alignment.

We know we’re here to help create a planet of beauty and joy and that the Mother’s Tsunami is anchoring in the Love so we become the Joy. It stands to reason that, if we focus on Love and Joy daily because they are in alignment with Universal Law, they’ll expand in our lives.

Recently I had a vasana come up where I lost my balance. Archangel Gabrielle came to me and helped me see where the vasana stemmed from in my childhood. She helped me bring it up to conscious awareness and see my truth so I could be mindful of the pattern of behavior and I could get back to balance.

I have found Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame of Truth and St. Germaine’s Violet Flame helpful when searching for my truth. Asking questions in meditation has brought me insights when the “old” is being washed up within or without to be looked at.

Accepting and allowing the feelings to be and go when they’re ready can be daunting if one becomes emotionally involved and no longer the observer. A mantra Sanat taught us – “I receive, I allow, I accept, I give, I am gratitude” – can be very helpful to re-anchor balance.

I find that, when I’m in balance, it’s easy to focus on the here and now and be in alignment with Love and Joy so that expansion can occur. We’re here to create “below” what is “above” and as we do this, we draw closer to the higher realms and they’re able to come closer to us. Our balance “within” becomes our “without”.




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