Lisa Gawles – Are You Living and Acting Like the Creator of (Your) Life – Entire Year of 2014 – Most Intense Rewiring Within Our Entire Life Structure – 7-12-14

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Lisa Gawles

Wow, just…. holy flipping wow!!  One day looking in the rear view mirror of the last couple days, I can so see a much larger, much more exciting series of events that happened, giving us a preview of where we are at now.

This entire year of 2014, we have experienced the most intense rewiring within our entire life structure.  Our body’s have gone thru hell, our days and elements within our days and our lives,  paid the price for it all.  Change.  Remember, change is ALL-WAYS for the better.

And here we are.  Changed (for some, still changing.)

The day of readings yesterday unfolded like never before.  Usually, I am either down and cannot see at all, you are down and I cannot see at all, or we can see clear as a bell.  But it has been one or the other.  Not yesterday.  Very much like the thunderstorm we had the night prior, where the rain was raging to the ground and the moon was shining so brightly in the sky as if there were no clouds in sight, so was my vision, my ability to connect yesterday.

My first lady on the field, all I could see was my floor.  I was really bummed as I had already had the day before off to take care of my personal stuff.  Fortunately she miraculously found a spiritual development course I stopped offering years ago, but somehow became available to her recently, so we had much to talk about beyond the reading itself.  She mentioned recently getting a lapis necklace and instantly I could see the energy of this stone affecting her meridian and releasing its energy from the meridian point outwards (left and right) within her body from just below the high heart to the throat area.  Thru the rest of our time together, I realized I could see and hear and was not down at all.  Phew.

Except when I was trying to read the field like usual.

When my second lady showed up for her session, once again, I cranked my antenna out to the field, knowing I am not down at all, and once again, nuttin.  Geez, I was having my hissy fit with the field (yeah, I am so human lol) and from way above my lady’s center field I seen a voice say “It is all in change.”  I say “seen” a voice because with the words I could see the energy with it all and the down draft of energy that went with it.  It brought me back to the last connection I had on Thursday and really gives more understanding to it all.

My lady and her soon to be husband were each on their own blades of energy.  To me it reminded me of helicopter blades only triangle-shaped.  The blades were spinning so fast and created a down draft of air that would serve to change the energy of “water” that I have been seeing into its next form.  Think of it like when water evaporates it changes into clouds, but when each water droplet is fully dispersed (as opposed to clustered in one place) we do not see clouds, but yet the moisture is still present.

So, long story short, even tho the field itself had been undergoing a complete reboot yesterday, the mundane was actually being addressed.  Questions being answered, at least the questions you have put some energy into being revealed in potential in created matter.

This is all a huge shift in energy, the spiritual and the mundane, fully charged as one flowing unit.  Wholeness in our ongoing story of life.  And to understand it thru my own odd personal experience the day prior.

If we can look at the two aspects of our “minds,” and I do not separate the thing we know as ego from the lower mind, it is all parts of the same energy system very much like our guides are as much a part of our higher mind is as our soul is.  Our higher mind is the dreamer, the feminine, our lower mind is the creator, the masculine.  (To be clear, the lower mind MUST be the tempered mind, not the crazy fear based reckless aspect it once was…. smile.)  They are a ream and must play together.  Work together.  Be honored together.

We can dream all day long but if we never put any energy into creating those dreams, which is the lower minds job, they are potentials that just never come together.  On the opposite spectrum, if we toil and task all day long at the same old thing, we get tired and bored and nothing new can happen.  Life becomes a factory job. Different day same shit.

Now, the incredible lower mind will do what it can for the human who really is in charge of it all, to knock on your door over and over again until you open it, very much like my journey this past week I shared yesterday.  My mind wouldn’t shut up but I kept ignoring it… until I didn’t and then my whole living world of energy wrapped around me to hug me for finally listening.

I do want to be clear about the energy of my own lower mind, it was not a fear thing at all.  It was more like unrelenting focus in one area.  Once the human gave in to do the deed the mind was pestering about, the focus turned into pure determination, a power in and of itself.

So then, this gives rise to a whole other question… what then, is the human?  If the higher mind is the feminine and the lower mind is the masculine and yet neither can live out loud without the action of the human… what part is the human?  It would have to be the personality itself.  Within the personality IS the God Spark.   The true creator energy MUST and WILL move thru the human body.  It is the action part of it all.  The true trinity of Life has always been YOU!!!!

OMG, this also makes so much sense now too.  If you are truly the energy of God incarnate (and you are) then, you help to answer prayers too.  Not so much the obvious ones (with people asking out loud for this or that) but just like god him/her self, the less obvious ones too. Which also means, placing yourself in environments or situations you never otherwise would have placed yourself.  Hmmmmmmm…. I think we just hit another tip of the iceberg!!

Imagine that and the our personal responsibility within each other.

And now that the majority has been rebooted (some are still in the water worlds making their way to reboot, which is caused by action of the human) we are now able to see the broad spectrum of life again.  The spiritual and the mundane.

This makes so much sense now.  The rear view mirror is such an amazing place.  I did a reading I think last week and thru her energy field was a huge surprise coming up for her in August.  I was shocked really.  We have not had much vision around our future course for the last two months really and then her team blurts out about August???  For her personally, it was a hope, a dream she had had a while ago that is coming to fruition in August.

So, here is what I am understanding, we are now fully functional creator Beings.  The true alchemist incarnate.  The fusion up upper and lower minds have happened, the wand of creation has been handed to you.  What energy are you putting into your heart desires??  What action have you taken to make your dreams reality??

This is getting soooo flipping exciting!!  YOU are getting so flipping exciting!!!

Today is the FULL MOON.  A super moon at that!!  Not only is today a super moon, for the next THREE months, each full moon will be a super moon.  Three, expressive action.  Moon, the dark being illuminated and shines outwards.  This full moon energy takes us to the equinox and let me tell you there is another massive shift that happens there… bigger and brighter than even the one we are in.  If you allow it in your life.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of ecstasy and joy to everyone!

Lisa Gawlas

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