Saint Germain – We are Embarking on the First Wave of the Abundance Packages – With this Massive Change will come Startling Shifts in Your Lives – Your Mission is to Be Generous and Smart – Maximum Positive Impact on the World – Money Is An Exchange Of Energy! – 7-10-14


Our Twin Flame Project – Converting Lucronexia (greed) to Freedom and Light

Saint Germain:

I bring greetings of Love in abundance and Light. This will be a week in which we offer you complexities, puzzles and challenges to tickle your minds and jump-start your heart. The reason we are opening all the windows and doors and helping you to air out your psyches is that we are embarking on the first wave of the abundance packages. With this massive change will come startling shifts in the way you will need to deal with your lives.

Life as a wealthy person is very different in this world from the life of a worker. There are completely different considerations and choices to make every day – and I don’t mean what colors you will choose for your Porsche, your yacht and your three mansions. That would be a very 3D way of approaching wealth. Do not forget for a moment that you have a mission. It is not about being rich; it is about being generous, and smart.

Your goal now should be: How can I best use these blessings to have the maximum positive impact on the world around me? What projects touch my heart deeply? How would I like to use my own expertise and enthusiasm to make a lasting change? Remember the old Chinese adage: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” What can you teach that will provide something for a lifetime? Of course, you don’t have to teach it yourself, you could join with others to create a program to help a chosen family, group, or community.

Perhaps your interest is housing in inner city areas. Who will you partner with to create a program that will not displace the lower income people who are already there in favor of wealthier families who can afford new housing? How will you create change without repeating the ills of the past?

What about education? Do you have the expertise and imagination to create new programs that will break away from the current stultifying bureaucratic and authoritarian public school system (in the U.S.) to allow students a self-directed, individually focused program which will bring out the unique gifts of each child? If you are not an expert in some level of progressive education, do you know the brightest and the best?

Do you want to fund programs or projects that are already in place and deserve recognition and financial help? Educate yourself carefully so that you are certain you are assisting the most honest and reputable groups, especially if you are working in a country or neighborhood where you do not know the organizations and individuals by long-established reputation. If you wish to truly understand the workings and intentions of an organization, talk informally with a number of its lower-level employees. They will tell you the level of Light and decency on which the business is built.

Focus your energies and your resources in such a way that you have the maximum impact for your contribution, and above all, do your research so that you are sure you are not throwing money at the front organization for some political despot who will use your blessings to increase his political war chest, or a scam artist who will siphon off the money for themselves. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of Dark Hat-trained minions who are aware of the blessings coming, and who have prepared themselves accordingly.

If you decide to contribute funds to a non-profit organization, go personally to observe the work they are doing. It will lift your heart and create an energetic connection to the people on the ground who are carrying out the good work. You see, it is crucial that you now not only give of the money, but that you instill the new energy of constructive purpose into the energetic field of the money itself, to change the purpose and intent for which money is used.

For centuries, the concept of money has been fraught with bipolar feelings of power and powerlessness, self-indulgence and want, greed and deprivation, gluttony and hunger. There is an emotional illness affecting the modern consumer which has been created by the dark ones to serve their means of production and wealth. It goes beyond yearning, desire, avarice and greed to a pathological condition you may call Lucronexia.

You see, beloved Warriors for the Light, we are in the business now of curing a disease which has been rampant on the planet. There is no one who has not been touched by the unhealthy feelings of greed which have been redefined to describe it in a more socially acceptable way: ambition, or drive for success, under the neutral term: capitalism. Since money was originally designed to be the tool for subjugating the masses, the notes and coins themselves have become imbued with the energy of those intentions. This is where the term “dirty money” originated.

You and I, Dear Ones, are now launching a program to cure ourselves and the world of Lucronexia. This is the underlying purpose of the Prosperity Funds. Creating a program which will flood the world with money is, of course, a cure for the disease which requires scarcity in order to flourish. When all basic needs are met, it allows space and freedom for individuals to decide for themselves whether they wish to pursue “the Almighty dollar,” or whether they will turn instead to fulfilling the dreams of their heart.

No longer will you hear an artist decrying the lack of means to paint, or a musician giving up her dream to study music in order to “get a real job.” Being a parent will no longer sound the death knell for young peoples’ dreams to create, study and thrive personally. In such a world, children will be surrounded by adults who are pursuing what they love. No child will have to feel like a burden, and no parent will find themselves resenting marriage and children because it meant an end to their dreams.

The Prosperity Funds and Programs are far-reaching in their intent. We intended to cure the suffering caused by poverty, yes, but there is much more to our plan than that.

This is one of the reasons the release of funds has taken longer than we originally planned. Our long range goal must be kept as the primary cause. If we had released the Revaluation of Currencies earlier, it would have been absorbed into the old system, reaffirming the Lucronexia problem, the way so many lottery winners end up after one year in worse shape than before. If the funds had been stolen, siphoned off or diverted by the dark ones who still had power in the monetary systems – as they revealed in the early tests – it would have been devastating to all, as hopes for real change would have been dashed. This would have far outweighed the short-term benefits for a few very deserving Lightworkers.

We are in a better position now, having gathered the damning evidence against the perpetrators who would have destroyed the benefits for all. We can now look forward to a new kind of abundance and prosperity as the global reset rolls across the world, lifting all boats. We did not intend to make new millionaires, in the old mold. We want instead to eliminate the feelings, the thinking patterns and the ingrained reflex which inspires all of you to assign star status to anyone who happens to have a large pile of “dough.”

You are learning, in the throes of controversy and conflict over who Kathryn really is and what her intentions truly are, to awaken your hearts, join with those whose love for you is true and heart-centered, and lift yourselves into the Light of common sense, as you might call it. Here I will add a bit of interesting information for those of you who have been confused, disillusioned and disoriented by the accusations and dire warnings about us (Kathryn, me, Sananda, and others she is channeling).

The one you know as Kathryn also lived another very controversial life in which she championed the cause of freedom and “Common Sense” as the author whose words inspired and propelled the American and French Revolutions – Thomas Paine. In that life she also gave of her resources, her Heart and her drive to freedom at great cost to her earthly comfort. She is one of the unsung founders of the Republic that arose from the American Revolution. I recommend that all who have not had the pleasure, to immediately read “The Rights of Man,” one of the seminal documents on freedom and human rights; it is most relevant to our current times.

As I give this message to Kathryn, I am also called to respond to Sananda’s last message, “A Call to Help Our Kathryn.” Lightworkers around the world have sent their prayers and their offers to channel on our behalf. We will accept their generous offerings of friendship, solidarity and Love. It is a beginning of new cooperation which will set the tone for the exciting work to come. The first of those messages is one I have given to Aleasha Lewis, a clear and loving channel who has beautifully captured the essence of my feelings and my message. It is posted on our Facebook page and on the home page of our website, There will be more of these loving messages to come.

We wish to create a clear and trustworthy Light for you to follow through these difficult days, as you tread the path toward Ascension. We hit a bump in the road recently, when we were blocked from communicating with so many of the followers who were growing and learning as a result of reading our messages. This was unfortunate, but we know that as soon as the dust settles, and the word gets out that we are fully and lovingly behind our beloved Kathryn, that the family she helped to create will find its way back to unity and Oneness.

We tell you with great hope and love in our hearts that there is no foundation for the “cooked” evidence which is constantly and relentlessly being presented to the world concerning Kathryn being “compromised.” This is as nonsensical as suggesting that I, St. Germain, have fallen into darkness, ego and pride. We are one, my twin flame Lady Portia/Kathryn and I. She is as much of the Light as I am, and she is as much a part of this Prosperity and Freedom package as I am.

Raise your sights, Beloved Ones, to see further, to feel more deeply and to open your minds and hearts to new possibilities, greater and more inspiring truths than you have ever imagined. It is a time of soaring, or releasing old feelings and ideas. Find your balance by anchoring in the center which aligns your heart, mind and soul with All That Is. Reach. Do not be pulled down into the dark feelings of doubt and confusion which was the fertile ground for the diseases of alienation, depression and Lucronexia (the far extreme of greed and materialism). Dire warnings and fear of the dark are designed to sweep you, unawares, into dark feelings, away from the Love we are offering you.

We thrive in Love, which is the opposite of fear. Love alone will carry the day, now that we have been successful in stanching the flow of darkness across the land. Do your part by helping others to free themselves from all control – even the control presented as love. Listen to the urgings of your heart, and join with us in joy and harmony, for it is the beginning of a brilliant new day.

Please come to join us this evening on The short link is I will have another message for you then.

I wish you harmony, joy, love, laughter and friendship.
I am ever your servant, your St. Germain.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, PsyD, July 9, 2014, 6 PM EDT, New York
Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website,

St. Germain:  Our Twin Flame Project – Converting Lucronexia (greed) to Freedom and Light

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