Father God – On Rising to the Occasion – Channeler Dr. Kathryn E. May – 7-8-14


Dr. Kathryn E May, Channeler


Father God: On Rising to the Occasion


Father God:

We would like to encourage you to be patient as you await the blessings which have

long been planned for you. You understand, this program which will bring prosperity

to ALL, not just the few who control the complex and secret financial systems, must

be carefully implemented to prevent the greedy financiers from raking it all into

their coffers before anyone else gets a chance to trade in their currency.


Here are a few of the current considerations: Iraq has been a sinkhole for Americ+an

taxpayers. Trillions of dollars have been channeled from military and “reconstruction”

projects into the bank accounts of the wealthiest 13 families on the planet. This

is done through surreptitious banking practices which literally make money disappear

overnight. This is how the 3 trillion dollars which went missing during the Iraq

military debacle under Bush vanished. It was announced, as you might remember,

by Donald Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001, just hours before the towers were blown

up.   At the same time, tons of gold also disappeared from the Trade Center buildings,

carried away in trucks to unknown locations. It was a boondoggle for the dark forces,

to say the least.


We now have a similar condition in Iraq, where Maliki has learned a great deal from

the cabal training programs, and has established his own tactics to create a “false

flag” to cover his own attempts to steal enormous amounts of money, which will be

flowing even more copiously during and after the RV. Obama, and the Dragon Family

who are going to be in charge of much of the funding of the generous “contract”

rates, are understandably cautious about when and how the transition will play out.

It is necessary that a stable government be in place in Iraq, and that the banking

industry be fully overseen by those who will prevent and/or prosecute those who

try to divert the trillions of dollars which are intended for the people of Iraq

and the Lightworkers who have invested. Your leaders are protecting you, not

depriving you.


Remember, Dear Ones, that the tiny amount you have invested will bring you riches.

Do not fall into the mindset of thinking you deserve your riches because you have

waited a long time for it. This would be a very odd interpretation of the idea

of “deserving” something. Waiting a long time does not make you a better person,

or a more honorable one. Patience is a virtue. Waiting is not.

Yes, we would like to provide abundance immediately for every person who is in

Difficulty right now – the ones who have lost their homes, and the ones who cannot afford

a home, the ones who have serious medical problems, but these difficulties would

have arisen whether they had purchased a small amount of currency or not. The delay

has not caused their problems. Do not be caught up in an attitude of blaming and

castigating your messengers or your God because of the delays.


We in the higher dimensions are not insensitive or inattentive. Neither do we

Misunderstand time. We created the concept of time; I assure you we have a good

understanding of what you are going through. There is not one of us in the Company of

Heaven who has not put in the hard work of living lives incarnated on Earth. This is

the reason we have chosen to work with you to create this prosperity program.

We do not blame you for not creating the atmosphere and the conditions which will

make it possible for your colleagues to safely implement the program. We do not

ask you to risk your lives to take down the banking institutions which were created

by masterminds who had years to weave the intricate system which less than a handful

of people on the planet can even begin to untangle.


However, someone has to do it. Your Lightworkers, some of whom you are the first

to blame for the delay, are the ones who have put their lives on the line to delve

into the morass of interwoven connections which make it possible for cabal-inspired

financiers to steal with impunity. As you know, those hard-nosed economic wizards

are also ruthless. No wonder most of you have not volunteered to scour the banking

records to uncover the massive fraud and criminality in order to put a stop to it.


But someone has to do it. Have you stopped to think about who is doing it? Have you

spent as much energy searching out the ones who are undercover, or are operating as

double agents, so that you might send them love and encouragement as you have spent

trying to dig up dirt on them? Have you spent as much time thanking your sincere

messengers and boots-on-the-ground experts as you have spent looking for the boogie

man under someone else’s bed?


We sympathize with your feelings of desperation and impatience, but we do not condone

them. We ask you now: Raise yourself to the higher plane you were taught to feel

and see yesterday, in the radio show with Archangel Michael at his glorious retreat

above Lake Louise. (ref) Look with the eyes of your Higher Self. Look with my eyes,

and you will see the needs of all the people. Even though we would prefer to release

the funds quickly, it has not been possible, because each time we came close, another

of the cabal minions has come forward with a new intrigue, a new scheme to cheat

you and others who have promised to use the money to alleviate the pain the dark

ones have caused.


This is the reason for the prosperity program, which St. Germain and Lady Portia

have worked on for thousands of years. (She is seldom given credit for her

participation in the program.) As many of you know, the prosperity programs are not just

about banking. They also include the complete changeover of government which will

restore the Republic of the United States of America, which was intended to be the model

for fairness, equality and freedom. The cause of freedom was fairly quickly co-opted

to aid and abet those who wished to plunder Mother Earth’s resources for their own

gain, without any responsibility for protecting her or the generations to come.


And so, here you are, awaiting the blessings you have been promised, but which have

not yet come forth. What if it takes another three weeks? Will you champ at the

bit and accuse this messenger of being a fraud, or will you look deeply into the

causes for the delay to see if there is anything you can do to help out? You say

you feel helpless to do anything to make it happen yourself? Then why would you

expect others to hurry up and do it for you?


You see, my Beloved Ones, this is as much a test of your character as it is a challenge

for those who are putting in the great effort to make it happen and to inform and

educate you about the complexities of this enormous Galactic project which is the

Ascension of Planet Earth. The prosperity program is just the first step in creating

the conditions which will make it possible for every being on Earth to breathe a

sigh of relief and begin to live in their hearts, without fear or desperation,

and especially without the destructive influence of the dark energies which are

just now beginning to be dispersed from the surface of the planet.


Concentrate on this, Dear Ones. Do your part to cleanse yourself of all dark energies.

This is a major part of your contribution to the Project. All souls will rise

to higher and higher levels of vibration. Do not be left behind because you are

still entrenched in feelings of entitlement, or fear. The ideas behind feelings

of entitlement are ego-based, grown out of the hundreds of lives in an environment

of want and fear. Entitlement is a form of arrogance, disguised as righteous self-love

or even concern for others. Do not allow yourself to be duped by those who preach

condemnation of others, building their own prestige by spreading lies and propaganda

to bring down our brightest and best Lightworkers.


It was not so long ago that hundreds of people in a town could be incited

to “burn the witch” or “hang the traitor.” How many of those “witches” and “traitors”

do you believe were innocent? I will tell you: all of them. Only when there is

doubt do propagandists create a campaign to attack the target. Otherwise, they

would leave the outcome to the law or to the public to decide their fate, trusting

that the evidence would speak for itself.


So, be the Light, Beloveds. Shine the light of virtue on your world. Take part

in the campaign of virtue in which you exercise your character muscles every day,

choosing one virtue for each day. All through that day, concentrate on creating

in yourself an atmosphere of gratitude, say, or patience, or compassion. Do this

every single day for 3 months. Then do it for another 3 months. By the end of

one year you will not recognize the person you have become. In fact, by the end

of one week you will feel yourself changing dramatically.


You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, because what you will gain is

truly the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Yes, it has been promised to you, but it

will not be given to you as a gift. It is a gift you will claim for yourself by

becoming your most loving, compassionate, forgiving self. This is your destiny,

and your challenge. Raise your consciousness; claim your power as the God or Goddess

you were born to be when you emerged as the spark of our love, the divine creation

of Love, to live out your soul life, evolving and growing in an endless exultation

of soaring energy.


We are here to praise, encourage and uplift you with every step you take toward

the Light, every time you reach out to touch us, every time your heart quickens

with feelings of Love. Mother God and I are here with you, breathing every breath

with you, hearing every prayer, dreaming every dream with you.

We love you without end; we will love you without end until the endlessness reveals

itself to you, and you come to us in Light and Joy.


I am your Father God, the one you have known as Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Shiva, Ra,

Zorra, and now, Mandela.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, July 7, 2014, 4 PM

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its

entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and

to the website, www.whoneedslight.org

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