Higher Self and Unity Time – – The Golden Heart Dialogues – Ascension Update – 7-5-14



It is the inner knower aspect of our nature that provides us with steady calm during tumultuous times. Times like this— right here now. With the ensuing chaos it is a perfect time to go inside. Many of you are doing this already and yet there is even a higher plane to explore. It is the plane where your Ultimate Self lives. Your inner knower has unrestricted access to the door to Source.

What we are really doing is venturing towards our future selves. This does bring us comfort, as in, why are we here?

When you are unmistakably certain you have ventured to the highest plane of your consciousness, you have entered a domain of stunning awareness. A plane where everything you are is. You stand at the threshold, the access point for our place of origination. We call this home.

Each person has an inner knower and Ultimate Self. It is pure awareness that communicates with our soul. We can say our Ultimate Self animates our soul. There is no greater time than now to be knowingly engaged with this aspect of ourself. I use the term Higher Self (HS). It is the invisible subtle self. HS is the common most searched term for those on this journey. The higher self is not the soul. It is the spiritual essence that animates the soul.They work as one however. In our past series we explored the realm of existence outside of time. This is where our subtle self lives.

What are the skills or methods for accessing HS? These are the basics.

Skills for accessing Higher Self are simple: 1. Free will choice. 2. Determination 3. Resolve 4. Good Intention. 5. Desire to know HS. 6. Receptivity and Acceptance. (This being the most unfamiliar challenge). This is the now what, (?) part. Accepting what is true is actually a foreign concept. It runs against our programming, both birth and cultural.

Since 2012, and after fourteen years of expansion, I integrated with the twelve aspects of my earth-based soul, I integrated with a part of myself that influences my current life. We are on earth to discover and become aware of these fragmented parts of ourselves. And ultimately to love them all. There is no bypassing while exploring this on our journey. A direct approach is best and this demands our wakefulness.

In order to do this it is imperative to be grounded and occupying our body— to not be dissociating, trancing-out or separated from Source or our humanity in any way. Retrieving our soul fragments is the role of the soul/Higher Self. The mission is to come into our wholeness. Ideally we attempt this as a collective embarking on our journey to a new/ earth/nation/rising. The soul’s last mission and wish is Individuation into Wholeness. We have covered this in our conference calls. There are tools for accessing HS in a more precise manner and by bypassing any sort of rhetoric, gimmicks or tertiary dogma.

The time for processing or delving into shallow or surface-level cathartic techniques is past. We are meant to journey through, not camp out too long, on our way. The planetary clock, as a metaphor, is ticking and time as we know it has dissolved. Many of course are not aware that we are already in unity time. We are crossing dozens of choice points simultaneously now.

We are rolling up our sleeves at this level of expansion. No whining serves us now. At this juncture we are to get through it by moving forward. No looking back, now wishy-washy faulty thinking now.

We can do this. Now is the time to huddle together and encourage each other and sometimes even splash a bit of cold water when needed. We are being pushed, pulled, prodded now.

We can do this, we truly can. We have each other, you and me, equals one. One, by one, is how we manage this. Side by side we take each other by the hand.

Christina Fisher, A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, 2014




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