Karen Dover – Stepping off the ledge into full flight – 6-30-14

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There is much talk about the movement of the New Earth frequencies and there are many different realities that are now being formed, as you dream to create then you create your own PERSONAL reality. Within this personal reality you are able to dream into creation that which you wish to experience in this your human life experience.  The movement that many of you are working with at this time is the uprooting of your patterns in order to dream to create, for whilst you are “bound” to family patterning, societal patterning, cultural patterning etc then you cannot allow the expansion that is asking to be born through you, within you and around you.  This containment is now coming up for expansion through you, it is to be noted and I cannot underline this enough that there is NO CLEARING NEEDED. To attempt to clear and dissolve will see you move back into the very patterns that you are attempting to expand beyond. The New Earth frequencies are all about EXPANSION, as you expand your energy signature then you NATURALLY dissolve that which no longer resonates.

The key to working with the New Earth frequencies is allowing for the expansion and letting go of the patterns at the same time. This is by noting that the patterns exist and then allowing SELF to guide you BEYOND this frequency.  Many of you at this time are caught in the “dissolve” teachings which are no longer relevant as the old 3D earth created reality no longer exists beyond the human vehicles that are still running the old 3d earth created reality frequencies.


This is akin to walking along a path that dissolves as you take each step, the step you are about to take is formed by your TRUST in the process just as the steps you have taken dissolve through your TRUST in this process.  This is why it is vital to find balance and to maintain your frequency as the option to return to the old 3D earth created reality patterns IS NEGATED as you move through the process. You have been taught in this,your human form, that when you reach a certain bandwidth that you must stay within the BOUNDARY of said bandwidth.  The New Earth frequencies will begin to expand your energy signature BEYOND the BOUNDARIES of the old 3d earth created reality and they do this NATURALLY, it is ONLY the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality that you have been taught to anchor that interrupt this process.

Allowing the unfolding of the New Earth frequencies through you will see you move into expansion and ways of BEing that trigger those around you, those who are not at a very human conscious waking mind level aware of their energy signature will unconsciously and sub consciously move back into the bandwidth that they feel they are being moved from.  It is vital that you detach from the drama that is ignited when this begins to form for drama=teachings of the old 3d earth created reality.

ALL is a reflection of that which you are running within your human vehicle. Work WITH the reflections, detach from the drama and look to FEEL what you are being shown, all you need do to move into expansion is to acknowledge at a waking human mind level that which has been running hidden within you. From this all else unfolds and shifts and moves.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.





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