The Ever-Changing “Energies”…

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20140629-084504.jpgThere’s much I have to say. About lots of things.

But right now, I’m looking at the energies, and it just looks like a sea of ever changing colors, shadows, and sparkles (sparks). There’s such an avalanche (okay, you can use the word “tsunami” since I’m in a land of occasional tsunamis) of changing energies out there. Individual, community, country, planetary…

So does it help anything (or anyone) to see that? I don’t know.

I’ve always loved change. Well, almost always. Sometimes change means I actually have to do something, other than read stuff and write blog posts. And use my whole BEingness, including the physical.

I know change is necessary for “evolving upward” type BEings. At least for this one.

For this one, too, at least, this change is part of an ever-constant youth-full-ness, that never goes away. The sense of discovery, having fun with and playing in the…

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