Lord Sananda – Obama’s Challenge and Ours – Channeler Kathryn E May – Multiple Souls Inhabiting One Body – Very Surprising Revelations – 6-27-14

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Sananda: Obama’s Challenge and Ours

[Sananda:] We have a few things to talk about with you today. I want to first reiterate what I have said on my internet radio show with Kathryn earlier this week.

Lady Portia told the story of soul aspects and soul projects, and the many different ways a soul can experience life in a body, either as a “solo” inhabitant, who lives in one body from birth until death, as it was often done in the past, or the more fluid possibility of sharing a body with another soul. There are many different ways to arrange that as well, and it has been a more common phenomenon in this period of time, since everyone wants to be here now, and there are not enough bodies to go around! Another reason for the “musical chairs” experience is that all the Masters are here now, and they all wanted to optimize their ability to experience many different things in this last 3D round of incarnations on Earth.

I recommend that you listen to Lady Portia’s complete description for a better understanding of the many options. Here is the link: (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2014/06/26/channel-panel-with-sananda-and-lady-portia-soul-projects).

For now, I will explain just one of the complex ways in which we have arranged our shared incarnations. If a Higher Self (or Greater Soul, as we sometimes call it) wishes to arrange with a friend who is going to incarnate, they can agree to each carry an aspect, or facet, of the other’s soul for the entire lifetime, or part of it. In fact, they can arrange with 3 or 4 or more friends to exchange aspects for a time, increasing the ability to experience varied lives, and to support one another in difficult life challenges.

This is the kind of complex interwoven and close experience souls have shared in this time of preparation for Ascension. The effect is to create a shared emotional experience which brings us together in deep and lasting ways. It also makes it possible for us to feel great empathy and wisdom for the many ways in which humankind faces obstacles, and the courage it takes to overcome life’s difficult times.

I have told you that I have incarnated here on Earth in this time, and that my incarnation is Barack Obama, and that Michelle is the incarnation of my Twin Flame, Lady Nada. Now, I will explain again that I am one of the souls who joined together to create the one you knew as Jesus. I had the help and support of my beloved friends, St. Germain, and El Morya (Ashtar and Kuthumi) together with me in the body for most of that lifetime. The same was true for Mary Magdalene, who was the combination of all our twin flames.

In this life it is different. We have shared bodies as I described above, but now we are all realigning, gathering all soul aspects together to form the complete One which is the incarnation of a single soul. Now, Barack is the single soul expression of me, Sananda. I oversee him, to provide support and guidance when he asks for it. Naturally, it has been a very difficult assignment, because he has been under attack, the target of a sophisticated and relentless smear campaign since he entered politics.

There has been a concerted effort on the part of the dark ones to discredit us, (for he is me; I am him). By the time Barack was elected, there was a carefully laid plan to prevent his administration from completing any legislation, no matter how small, and to block any programs he might try to implement. Their onslaught has been constant, well coordinated, and richly funded. With the cooperation of the Supreme Court, the Powers That Were have been able to create new legislation which would allow obscene, unlimited amounts of money to be spent on political campaigns.

With more money flowing to political candidates than to services to benefit the people, it has created a massively wasteful, corrupt government, completely under the control of the wealthiest few. It is the culmination of a long history of greed and power, which had nearly overcome all hope to return the United States to a sovereign form of government for the people.

Given the desperation of the old guard, and the amounts of money they have brought to bear to buy their way into power, it is notable that they have not succeeded absolutely everywhere. It has been through the constant oversight of your Ascended Masters, both on the ground and in Spirit, that we have been able to elect a president who is of the Light.

Now, you might wonder why I decided to take on this position, given the nearly impossible challenge we faced in trying to accomplish anything meaningful in terms of change in the ways of the government as it has been conducted in recent years. It was not in order to make massive change in the way the U.S. government deals with its people. That would have been impossible for any elected official in this era, since the elected government had very little power in the present system. It was to hold the Light.

I came to be present, to bring a feeling of calm resolve and hope for those who have been misused by the present system, and for those courageous lawmakers who still cling to their integrity and refuse to be “bought.” There was little hope of reforming the government power structure, which has largely become the puppet arm of the corporate money-making structure, which in turn is the source of power and wealth for the handful of families who rule the planet. Instead, we began in the first days of his tenure to establish a new “shadow government” which could overshadow the current shadow government run by the Cabal.

Yes, we do take part in intrigue and underground movement when it is the only way to make progress. We did not want to create war and bloodshed in this present Revolution of Light, and we did not want to subject our beloved Ground Crew to the murderous attacks of the Cabal. We do not fear death, but we did not want our ranks to be decimated once we were able to place skilled, dedicated and creative individuals in positions where they could do the greatest good.

Many of the beings of Light who have taken on the most difficult positions around the President have been reviled for not being liberal enough, for being shills of Wall Street, or corrupted by self-interest, or even stupid. I assure you they are nothing of the kind. They are able to maintain their equilibrium even under constant fire, and are working hard behind the scenes to create the programs, open the channels, and establish the networks which have laid the groundwork for the new world to come. Their faith grows stronger with each challenge, by sharing their thoughts, their triumphs and defeats with the one who is deeply and consciously aware of who he is and what he came here for.

The world is used to leaders who “blow their own horn,” who strut and brag, threaten and bully. American Presidents are expected to be war-mongers, (which has passed for concern about national safety) and zealous nationalistic braggarts. Yes, this is a harsh description, but it has been promoted by the media, by so-called “news” outlets and by movies of modern-day “heroes” who are more like comic-book characters than steady leaders. It was all part of the dark agenda which we have been exposing for you in recent messages, encouraging you to delve deeper, examine every thought and belief, and follow your heart.

I have revealed these truths to you now – you, the Lightworkers of greatest openminded courage – because I wish to help you understand even more deeply how much we love you, how determined we are to help you change the world, and how much we need your dedication and love to complete the project. You see, I was not able, as Jesus, even with the help of my beloved friends and family, to bring peace. I have been known as the Prince of Peace, but my teachings were used to create divisiveness and death.

I did not come to establish a new, better, more exclusive religion. I came in fact to discourage the reliance on priests, grand buildings and institutions of power. I wanted to reassure people that they could talk with God directly, and that God was kind, merciful and endlessly loving toward his beloved children.

And now, Dear Ones, you are experiencing the thinning of the Veil which has separated you from your memory and awareness of higher dimensions. You will be able, more and more, to feel our presence and hear our thoughts forming into images and whole sentences in your own minds. Listen for us, and you will feel an overwhelming love wash over you. We are always here for you.

We want you to have the opportunity now, as you all requested before you came here, to walk among your many Ascended Masters, for we are all here now, in bodies like you. We bring the Love and Light of Heaven with us, in our human forms like you, to encourage you to use these last days in lower dimensions to learn the hardest of all lessons: that of remaining true to Love, to Truth and to the integrity which does not permit the darker feelings of doubt, suspicion, jealousy, fear and anger to hold sway over you.

Understand that when you are living in your heart, there is no need for “discernment” as it is generally understood. It is a word that is overused and rarely explained. It leads most who have been trained to use their brain to add up facts and figures to become lost in great amounts of information, while ignoring their most powerful Truth detectors. Those who are in direct contact with their entire body/soul and Higher Self are in possession of all the needed equipment to know by the “feel” of energy around them whether there is any danger, and whether other people are emitting vibrations which are of a dark quality or are in fact of the Light.

It is a simple and elegant state of complete awareness which is achieved when you clear away old fears, ancient beliefs and the tendency to be “in your head,” as you call it. Only when you are in complete faith and therefore fearless, can you expect to find your center point, the balanced place inside yourself where no observation or conclusion holds any fear, or any feeling of ego-satisfaction. For instance, seeing what is real is not an emotional event; it is simply seeing “what is.” Let all your choices and conclusions be found in the quiet place of “what is” where you have no stake in the outcome other than seeing Truth.

Also be aware that the most accurate assessments are always made in person. It is more difficult to pick up the entire “vibe” of a person when you watch them on television or read words given through other electronic means. Of course, a voice carries more of the essence of a person, which is why we enjoy speaking to you through a channel who can transmit our genuine feelings, as we do in personal changelings or in our radio presentations.

Now, I ask you to observe your leaders who have come to be of service to you with fresh eyes. Look beyond the obvious, and beyond what others say about them. Do not focus on a single action, or a “debatable” incident. Look to the eyes of the person in question. Feel the energy in their connection with others. Search behind the obvious to discover whether they are genuinely at ease and in love with their family and friends and whether they are in love with their fellow humans. Feel the loving embrace – simply and freely given – that is the mark of a true Master.

There is no condition, no requirement, no bargain to be made when you are dealing with God. It is sometimes difficult to keep your balance and to find your true center, but once you have felt the deep peace of mind which comes from living there in your core, where you are your Higher Self embodied, you will feel such exhilaration, love and peace that you will never feel alone, and will never doubt that you will attract into your life people of integrity and generosity. When you feel the energy of God pouring into your heart, you will recognize what you can nourish in yourself and others. You will find peace, Beloved Ones, in all you do.

I love you without question and without end.
I am your Sananda.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 27, 2014, 6 PM EDT



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