Karen Dover – Release of the Cellular Debris – – Frequencies of the old 3D Earth Created Reality – Within your Cellular Structure pushed to the Surface – 6-26-14

Karen DoverFor many of you the last linear few days may have been physically challenging. As the New Earth frequencies begin to expand and to build in their energetic frequency they begin to push the frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality that are stored within your cellular structure to the surface.  This process began in earnest with the Solstice energies,  with the release to begin with of the emotional debris. Many of you may have found yourself emotionally compromised with little input from those around you, feeling intense emotional reactions to seemingly irrelevant situations.  This is the first part of the release of the cellular debris.

The second part involves the physical release from the human vehicle and may see many of you at this time struggling with colds, flu and other “infections” that seem to have sprung up out of the blue.  Indeed this cellular release seems to be particular potent for those of you who have incarnated into the male human vehicle. You may feel a variety of intense emotions and also feel a shift in your actual human vehicle. Muscular aches and pains with no apparent cause, infections in the form of colds/flu/sore throats and headaches. As this is the release of lifetimes of frequency debris it is important to allow the process to take its course fully. Trying to stop the symptoms will see the frequencies once more put on hold and may actually prolong the release. (Obviously if you are worried about your symptoms please consult a doctor, if you find your symptoms are not clearing even with medication then this would point to an energetic release).

In the old 3D earth created reality you are taught to “carry on” and to ignore the symptoms, medicating and returning to your life as soon as possible, the energetic release of this debris does not allow for this as this is not TRUTH. The human vehicle is attempting to REPAIR and RE-HARMONISE itself, how far out of balance and how much repair is needed is individual and unique.  This is an attempt by your SOUL to show you the power that YOU are in TRUTH, by listening to your human vehicle and being guided by what it requires is the way to work with this release. If you allow those around you to tell you what you must do then you fall to the old 3d earth teachings for only YOU are resident within your human vehicle and therefore ONLY YOU are master of your own ship.

Drinking plenty of fluids helps to flush out the frequencies that can be viewed as a toxin for the lower dimensional frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality were DESIGNED to DE-CONSTRUCT the human vehicle and not to support it. The New Earth frequencies that are being downloaded and anchored within your cellular structure work to REPAIR and to EXPAND your human vehicle, the direct contrast to what you have been taught to anchor and to work with within the old 3D earth created reality. At all times I would guide you to honour your emotions and that which your human vehicle is asking for at this time.


It may be that you are spending long periods asleep at this time, again this is helpful as the body is able to repair itself during this process, as you “sleep” the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH is downloading and anchoring more of your SOUL at human conscious waking mind level and you may feel slightly “lost” when you awake at first. This is due to re-connecting back into the pool of human consciousness that is also undergoing expansion and growth at this time. Letting go is key to this process, you will find that there is “no going back” for that which you have come from is no longer there, again part of the expansion process into multi dimensionality.

I have released the first of the meditations that accompany the Birthing the New Earth book and these can be found on the main Crystalline Sanctuary website. To help support further I am also still offering the discounted guidance sessions which can be booked by emailing me at info@thegalacticportal.com.  Pricing and information can be found HERE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question” and this must be anchored at cellular level within YOUR human vehicle first of all.





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