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Stephen Beckow: Please note: the divine goddess Isis is not to be confused with the so-called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) currently making headlines for its alleged actions in Iraq.



By Anna Merkaba   –    Jun. 24, 2014,

On June 21st, a fantastic event has occurred on planet earth. The wheel has been set in motion and we will finally be able to breathe with release.

On June 21s,t the Goddess that we’ve all been waiting for, for so very long, has returned! Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, she is known by many different names. One of the most powerful goddesses to ever have stepped foot onto earth. Finally she has arrived!

I was pulled into an experience on June 21st, the angles [angels?] have once again raised their trumpets and beautiful music began to spread far and wide throughout the whole world. I did not understand at first what all of this commotion was about and then I saw her!

She was magnificent, stunning, ever changing. It was rather unnerving at times to look at her, due to her many facets she kept changing from one image to another to show what she represents. Many know that she is not only the goddess of love, but also of war, prosperity, fertility, passion, and so much more. I found myself overcome with incredible tranquility and a thought, “Now everything will be okay”.

What I am being told is that Isis is pure energy of love and femininity. She is a representation of everything that is feminine, tranquil and yet powerful. Immensely powerful.

She is not simply a being, she is a gregarious being of light. Pure energy is what she truly is, and yet as an energy being she is able to transform and take form of various people in order to get the job done. She is the representation of our feminine side, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

A part of her is in you, and a part of you is in her. Every single being on earth and beyond has a particle of her in them, and she has a particle of them in her. She is the Mother God, the Mother Source, so to speak, of ALL that there is. She is the feminine representation of the Source.

So what happens now? What I was told is mind boggling, extremely exciting, and downright awesome.

Please note that I am told that those of us who are from “team Isis” will begin to feel her presence tremendously in the days to follow. We will be called to ‘duty’ and will find ourselves being pulled out of our bodies, (meaning we’ll spontaneously go into meditation, for example dosing off at home all of a sudden, etc.), in order to meet with her and merge with her energies.

So, it’ll continue to be a dance, where many upon many souls who have come here under the Isis flagship will be merging together into One brilliant being, and separating again to fulfill their duties, only this time becoming much more powerful and determined.

It will be a very interesting dance, as we settle into our new roles here on earth. Our powers will increase tremendously. Every single person on earth will be affected, but those, once again, under her flagship, so to speak, will feel it the most.

Each time that this energy will be focused on a particular area of the world, portals will begin to open up and fantastic events will begin happening. For many of us, this time will be a very busy one! Especially for the ones that are physically located in the area of her ‘stay’. We’ll all be pulled to her when the portals are or major changes are about to take place. So prepare yourselves for brilliant experiences in the next few months.

Each time that her energy will manifest itself in a place, major changes will take place in that area. Changes that concerns various fields and ways of life. It could be political, financial, medicinal, scientific, religious, etc., etc. One things’ for sure, nothing will ever be the same again.

Her first order of business –VATICAN (June 24 – July 4th) – She will make way to the Vatican. The energy of ISIS will be so powerful and so strong there that the mind of those in charge will begin to shift into a new reality, allowing them to step forward with the truth about the true nature of things, humanity’s history and our galactic heritage.

10 days later, (July 4th – July 7th ) – She will make her way to England, where She will spend 4 days opening up various portals which are there. There’s a huge shift that will occur after her visit, and it will be very interesting to see how it will all play out.

July 7th – July 24th – We will find her energies prevailing in Russia. There She will be cleansing slate, purging and cleaning those who are in charge, readjusting their understanding of life, to allow more benefits for humanity in general. She will also activate many Very important portals, portals which sit under Moscow and surrounding areas.

July 24- August 1st – She will come to Egypt, where She will mourn the destruction of the temples and pyramids, and restore the energy gateways that once were. She will open other such gateways and will embrace the whole land with love and light. Under Her influence the artifacts of the ‘lost world’ will begin to manifest themselves, and the archeologists will not be able to hide this information from the people. This will truly begin to change the understanding of who we are, where we come from, and why we are here.

August 1st – August 11th – She will be in Israel, which should see a huge shift in consciousness. [There are] many more portals are in Israel. This will be a very powerful visit, which will assist in stabilizing the energies in the Middle East, and step by step bring peace to the world.

August 11th – August 13st – She will be in Greece, once again reactivating various temples and energy portals. She will especially be active at the Olympus, so if you will wish to connect with her energies, you could go visit Olympus at this time.

New York – from August 13st – August 23rd . She will also activate a huge portal that sits beneath the city itself, and disable the one that is currently spewing so much negativity into the city. She will transform New Yorkers from inside out, and bring happiness and peace to their hearts.

Japan – August 23rd – August 31st – Here’s a very interesting outcome that, hopefully, will come to pass. We should finally see some movement in regards to the Fukushima issue, as she works relentlessly with the hearts of those who are at the forefront of this situation.

China – August 31st – September 6th – Her stay in China will mark the beginning of historical events and fruitful relations between major world players. Her energy influence will open the hearts of many, to reconsider their local and world policies, and allow for a more natural approach to ‘doing business’ with the rest of the world. There are many, upon many, portals in China, which will begin to be opened one by one. However, She will come back to China at a later date to continue with the opening of the portals.

September 6th will find Isis in Uganda, where She will once again be opening up a portal.

September 7th – September 19th – She will make way to the United Arab Emirates.  There She will clean, scrub and activate all the little and big portals in order to bring feminine energies into this country. She will sweep the whole nation, and all of the neighboring nations with fervor, and finally open the door for equality and balance within their hearts.

September 19th – October 2nd – She will be spending time in Afganistan, where She will open the portals, and work to restore peaceful energies in that region of the world. She will also manifest various artifacts from the past, showcasing to the world, once again, the true nature of humanity and where they have come from.

October 2nd – October 21st – She will visit Kirgistan, Moldova, Romania and Prussia.

UPDATE: October 22nd – October 28th – She will visit Australia. She will come back to Australia in May of next year and spend a whole month there, working with various important portals. So, May of 2015 shall find Australia ablaze with love and light of Isis and her crew.

India: She will visit south part of India November 13 – November 24. She will then leave and go to Galilee, a region in the northern part of Israel, near Haifa, and come back to the Northern part of India on November 28th – December 3rd.

She will continue to roam the Earth, moving from place to place, until finally the Balance between the feminine and masculine energies will be restored.

Isis is here to stay, She is not going anywhere. The time has finally come that both energies yin and yang will merge and allow prosperity, health, abundance, joy, creativity, technological and spiritual advances to flourish on planet earth, but above all, LOVE.

Once again, be prepared to be called to ‘duty’! This time it will be a lot of fun! And finally after all the portals have been opened. This will continue for a few years, as the ones mentioned above are only the major ones, then the restoration of planet Earth and human psyche shall begin. Welcome to Phase II everyone! Exciting times indeed!

P.S. If you do not see your city/country listed here do not despair. Isis and her loving feminine energies are now infusing the whole world and each and every single one of us. The reason for these dates and places is that on these dates and places her energy will be felt Very strongly as the portals that are in those regions will be activated.

However, if you feel that you wish to connect to Isis or anyone else, all you need to do is ask. Just go into your meditative state and ask to speak with her and you will be able to do so :)

Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker.  For more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit: Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Discover Your True Self Through the Vibrational Messages From Behind the Veil –

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