Have YOU met your Higher Self Yet?

It's a Miraculous Universe

Have you met your Higher Self yet? You'll wonder why you've waited so long :) Have you met your Higher Self yet? You’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long 🙂

Our split-selves, also called 3D Self and Higher Self. Holistically, the only war on Earth is between these two entities: The Higher Self (Consciousness/God/Source) trying to Wake Up the 3D Self energies that are creating the current flow of physical life. War can, and will, end when these two merge into One-ness.

  • TEMPORARY SELF – It has been created by the conditioning of society, and usually has a limited appreciation of itself or its possibilities.
  • REAL SELF – It is that spark of life that causes you to have existence. That spark is part of One Infinite Reality that exists in all things and is the Ultimate or True Self of your Selfhood.

    Courtesy: http://universityofsedona.com/

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