SaLuSa on Higher Love – Unconditional Love belongs to 5D World – “Higher Conscious Love” linked to your “Frequency-Vibration-Level of Consciousness” – Channeller Multidimensional Ocean – 6-24-14

image_t6Dear ones, we come to you today as we use words very often that are not well understood by the many. Higher or Conscious Love if you prefer to call it that way, is very similar to what you call love, but it has additional features.

First, I would like to point out that higher love belongs to the higher dimensions, and that what you call love belongs to the 3D world. It is not a matter of word difference, but the differences also lie in different realms or worlds. Love in the material world, is often mistaken for lust, attachment, or any other things associated with the feeling of love. It is not true love, or unconditional love. Higher Love/ Conscious Love/ unconditional love belongs to the 5D world and above. It is linked to your frequency, your vibration, your level of consciousness, The more awaken to the real world one is, the more able one is to experience higher love.


This higher love is never ending, all powerful, all pure, unconditional, it has a mind and a life of its own. The more love it senses from the other, the more love it gives back. If you can experience the love that Cleopatra and Marc- Antony shared, the love of a mother for her child, and the love of a child for its parents. It is a never ending flowing river, it is like music touching your soul, your heart and your very existence. Once you tasted it, it is hard to live without it again. Many go into a deep state of depression once that love is gone for some reason. Or commit suicide, such as in Romeo and Juliet’s story.

The good news with higher love is that it is a love that is truly immortal, never ending, that nothing can stop, since it is not subject to the 3D world’s laws, believe system. It needs no other way of travel than the higher realms, which are always present around us. It knows no frontier, no barrier, no prejudice, no race, no limitation, it is all powerful and glorious.
The other good thing about it is that the beings limited to 3D cannot understand it, see it, therefore cannot stop it and are entirely powerless against it.

When you meet someone that you have shared that higher love with, you will find it in your heart to always love them again and again. This immense love, this immense river of flowing joy, this endless ocean and journey is what we feel for you.

With all our love. Thank you

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean


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