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Divine Self

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We were all originally created in the image and likeness of God Source.

We are the immortal original Divine Ones.

We find this divine self as we return our physical into oneness with our spiritual selves.

We each have a parallel spiritual body.

That spiritual body is being returned to us at this time.

The return of the spiritual body requires the Sound Frequencies that carry the Music of the Mind of God.

We must re attune our bodies into the melody of the Divine One.

We are being given this opportunity to attune to the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound

and become the 5D MultiDimensional Selves that we were before the Fall of Atlantis.

The Window of Opportunity is 2017-2022.

It is our divine right and our divine priviledge to become prepared for this opportunity.

The frequency music on this website is the preparation for this time.

The audio recordings on Return to our Divine State explain the history

and the future of the Divine Plan the PROMISE OF THE PERFECT KINGDOM.

I describe the exact event that caused our Guardian Race to place us in Quarantine 12,000 years ago.

I then describe how the Polarity is being removed between our Physical Bodies and our Spiritual Bodies.

I talk about the problems that caused the need for the Quarantine,

how it is being corrected and how we play such a huge part in the ascension.

Each one of us is a part of the ascension process.


I explain how we tune in to our future self frequencies.

Our only possible future is the future that we tune in to.

If we keep remaking our present reality, the future will just be the same as the past and the present.

We must tune in to our future reality.

That future is the Spiritual Template that was stored in the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.

That is the Template of our Future Self- our True Divine Self.

We can learn how to morph into that Future Divine Self

through the Meditations and Frequencies in Crystal Core Domain

and Suns Portal to Source, Ascending Light Body.

The frequencies that are obtained through all of these alignments

are the same frequencies that I collect in the alignment with each individual’s Divine Template

that was stored in this Divine Portal that is being returned to us.

That is how I create the Eternal Life Albums.

There are many steps to this process of realignment.

We must tune in to our template within the Earth’s Heart and within Sun Alcyone’s photon belt.

We must tune in to our Water Body, our Plasma Body, our StarDust Body,

we must learn to align with the Aurora Fields to regain our Angel Wings.

We can also learn to use the Codes of Manifestation to help this alignment.

Everything we need to know about the problem and the solution

of removing Duality is outlined in this Four Hour Audio File.

There will be more details added in the future audio files.

I explain everything that needs to be known about communicating

with the Individual’s Ascension Master Teams.

I explain why the dreams occur during the ascension process and what they mean.

I explain other physical problems caused from ascension,

such as the melting of the seals in the Pineal Gland,

and why these are being reported by doctors as calcium deposits or the Pineal Gland wrapped in an orb of water.

These are just natural ascension symptoms,

and there is no doctor that will diagnose these symptoms correctly except for me–Dr. Angela Barnett.

There are many ascension symptoms related to the seals melting in the head and in the heart area,

the 15 degree alignment caused a very long period of back aches as our spine was actually realigning.

There were many hormonal problems created by the change of chemistry within the body.

Our blood has actually been changed into a new crystalline structure.

The hormonal problems have resulted in problems in the kidneys, bladdar and sexual areas in the body.

These are Ascension Symptoms.

The feelings of going crazy and being confused and uncertain

are a result of us going through CULTURE SHOCK of entering into a New Reality

that we have never experienced before.

These problems are most accute in Indigos and Angelic Humans.

Most regular people just think they are experience their normal day to day stress

and need to go to the doctor for weekly problems.

The Indigos get hit the hardest because we are preparing the path for the Angelic Humans.

The Angelic Humans have a very difficult time as well in the adjustment period.

The process of having our Spiritual Body actually walk into our Physical Body

creates tiredness and dizziness because of the higher frequencies being a slower rate of spin.

The sleepy feeling is also a result of the Ascension Teams wanting to take the body in for surgery.

Yes, we are actually having Light and Sound Surgery performed on our bodies

at night and sometimes in the daytime.

I also include several meditations between the readings,

so that you can experience the journey that the body goes through

to activate the dimensional frequencies and to bring in the stardust,

liquid light energy, electo plasma that melts the seals and activates the DNA

by watering the lotus blossoms in each chakra area with liquid light and sun’s plasma energy.

The Return to Divine State includes over

1. Return to Divine Self 2. Returning to Divine State 3. Future Self Frequencies

4. Meet your Merkaba 5. Crystal Star Merkaba 6. Quarantine Fence

7. Removal of Polarity 8. Crystal Core Domain 9. Suns Portal to Source

10. Ascending to Light Body 11. Spheres of Oneness 12. Restoring Water Body

13. Connecting Consciousness with Ascension Team 14. Neutron Body 15.

Helium Ignition 16. Codes of Manifestation 17.

Realignment New audio recordings for those who prefer to listen rather than read.

I’m will be putting two sets of audio recordings out for sale this week and next week.

THE RETURN TO THE DIVINE STATE is a set of Four Hours of audio recordings

that give an overview of the process that we are presently going through

as we prepare to Ascend into Terra Firma.

The recordings give every detail of the reason for this accelerated ascension process that we are going through.

I talk in great detail about how all of the frequencies that I record

align with all of the specific alignments of the portal from Earth’s Crystal Heart to Sun Alcyone

in order to prepare this portal for activation in 2017.

The process of this alignment can be experienced in the Frequency Meditation, Sun’s Portal to Source.

The return of the Portal through Sun Alcyone,

has to do with the Quarantine placed on Earth 12,000 years ago,

and how the Frequency Fence is being removed now and will be removed by 2017.

This will lead to the removal of polarity on all levels of the spiritual and physical, matter and ante matter.

The meditations are the journies that I take in consciousness

when I am collecting the frequencies into my Merkaba

and then bringing them back into my crystal heart

before I exhale them onto your Eternal Life Album.

Indigo 3’s have the hardest life on Earth,

but the easiest codes for walking between both worlds-

meaning easy to activate your 5DNA in 2017.

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