Norah Guide Explains – Why The Twin Flame Runs

We’ve talked quite a bit about the notion of twin flames here, and I’ve discussed the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate, as well as signs that you can look for if you are wondering if you have met your twin flame.  Today Norah Guide is going to look at, why your relationships with your twin flame aren’t always as perfect as you think they should be.  We run into this problem frequently, this misconception that just because something is divinely ordained, or spiritually requested, that everything must go perfectly and heavenly.  The truth is that this only happens in heaven, or in whatever crossing over path you believe in once you leave this Earth.  On Earth, nothing goes perfectly.  That’s the point of being here.  To learn from the challenges and tests that we are given. Remember, even when we are given a spiritual gift as unique and miraculous as the gift of a twin flame, we are also given the power of free will.  This has a tendency to mess things up a bit for us on occasion.  Let’s look at this a bit closer, shall we?

There are many stages to the twin flame relationship, and most of them embody the same stage we go through in any relationship.  We meet someone, think they seem kind of amazing, and work to keep them in our lives. Your twin flame experiences the exact same feelings that you do when you meet them, they are just as surprised and joy filled by this miraculous connection as you are.  Then of course, daily challenges or situations in life occur, and we may be separated from them on occasion.  Sometimes, the other person chooses to separate first, and sometimes we are the ones to make that choice.  When it comes to the twin flame experience, this happens at the halfway point of our meeting them here on this plane.

This separation from our twin flame is called the “running” stage.  One of us must leave the other for some painful reason.  It is during that time frame that we are given opportunities to learn the lessons our soul guides and angels have set out for us.  This could take years, and it could even go into our next lifetime.  Remember that the twin flame union is based on unconditional love, and the purpose of these connections is to continue perpetuating unconditional love into the world. As you know from your experiences on this planet, not everybody is physically ready for that at the same time that we are on this plane.  So, if your twin flame has run, you can get them back into your life by practicing the art of unconditional love.  Conduct random acts of kindness on others on a regular basis, and the love you put out into the world, WILL come back to you.

There is an important past life connection with our twin flame, and so when we are faced with the disconcerting notion that our twin flame has left us, or we have had to leave them for some reason in this life, that we may never see them again. That is not the case.  A twin flame union IS destined, but you will not stay together forever until you have passed the challenges and tests on your spiritual journey.  It may happen in this life, it may not.  The important thing to remember is that it WILL happen when you both are ready to walk the journey of unconditional love…together.


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  1. My twin flame committed suicide. I’m having a really hard time getting past this. I really have no support group. I know I’ll be with him again, but I’m lost.


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