More healing codes 2 – The Divine Mother via Isabel Henn – 6-16-14

goddess-of-light healing codes


WoW they do seem very powerful, i can easily access the healing code….. Awesome………. GH

(Translated from original language german)

My child, you have made some experiences by now with the healing codes and you have asked for more. I will give them to you with pleasure. Here now a new set of codes, which you must use out of your heart and in love that they can take effect.

35 41 553  against toothache
35 87 225  against loss of appetite
31 22 778  to lose weight
43 14 223  against general inflammation
35 31 223  with purulent places or inflammation
34 41 323  against arthrosis, arthritis
83 73 879  against rheumatic afflictions
88 21 233  against herpes viruses
53 23 411  with equine sarcoids
11 32 899  against menstrual molimen
31 31 798  trouble during menopause, also pre- and postmenopause
98 88 119  first aid at heart attacks, heart infarcts
78 89 535  first aid at strokes

The healing codes for first aid…

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  1. Thank you for the codes. I’d like to know if there is a code for bed bugs. They are becoming an epidemic all over & costs a lot of money to call in pest control. Many people can’t afford it. Please help.


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