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Ascension 11

In5D Note: While under QHHT hypnosis, a subject talks about impending ascension and what we can expect. Admittedly, the subject stated that there will be pain before the event, but it seems that the pain is associated with the thought of leaving loved ones behind which, according to this subject, will occur. Despite the pain that the subject speaks of, there are many inspiring messages throughout this reading. … enjoy!


Client is coming off the cloud, noticing…

There are rings of purple. And the shades of purple are becoming darker as they go to the outside.  And there’s a blue-ish frequency… It’s like a chain of blue pearls actually strung through that.

Hypnotized Client Reveals Upcoming Ascension Event | In5D.comIt’s almost like a kaleidoscope where it shifts… pearls, surface, and the rings.

It’s changing colors to more blue and almost like a crystal purple now inside.  It’s like this spectrum of colors between purple and dark blue – with concentric rings going out, with a string of blue pearls.

(Drifting to an important place and time, where something is happening that’s important to you…and where are you now?)   

 I can only see colors.  Sort of orange-y with a yellow line.  Purple around something, the rest orange and it feels vast.  It feels just like vibration, really. Going to purple, dark purple, blue balls of energy that are leaving and then more coming and leaving.

 How does this compare to that string of blue pearls that you saw before?

Those are the colors that I have seen since my childhood, when I close my eyes. 

What’s it like? 

It feels like bathing in color.  Pink and orange, orange like a snakey thing around it.  But they move so fast.  They’re orange and pinkish one moment and the next … purple and blue and it’svery, very fast and then they move.  Alternating between Hypnotized Client Reveals Upcoming Ascension Event | In5D.comthem.

Does there appear to be a rhythm in the way that they alternate?

It’s like going through a tunnel and you know how a roller coaster will take you up, and then as you go down it goes longer again.  It’s like these pathways. But I couldn’t tell you if I go through, or if they come to me.

I see. So, are you going through, or are they coming to you?

They’re coming to me.      

Is there a feeling that comes with it, an essence, impression?

Just beautiful.  I would never want to leave that kind of place. 


It feels like the Sun, on your skin somehow.  A nurturing quality.

Leaving that scene, drifting to … the most appropriate place and time…  

Pink and Yellow.  (smiling) All these crazy, crazy colors!  

(After 4 times coming to explore these scenes of colors)  Well, they’re very, very important, and we can’t go beyond them, and we never want to leave them, so…  (calling in the SC)

The meaning of the colors?

Some of the colors are Protection.  And some of the colors, I remember where I came from.  Where I came from.  And they’re staying with me so I will remember where to go back to. 

Hypnotized Client Reveals Upcoming Ascension Event | In5D.comThe Blue and the Purple – Protection.

Ascending Energy… different Dimensions. 

The Blue and the Purple:  It’s a long brain wave.

It’s not even here on Earth. 

It’s connections of everything:  Planets, people, galaxies, animals, trees, birds. 

I don’t really want to be here, so part of me is living somewhere else, on a different planet.    It’s like when I ascend from these white clouds, that I come out of my dream, that’s where I come back from.        

There’s many of me.  It’s like fractures.  Particles.  The vapor is white, solar, spinning like when you look at a galaxy that’s spinning, that would be the vapor in white.  I’m getting addicted to that feeling.  (enjoying, smiling)

That’s where I get my strength. The rejuvenation, Healing.  I see more colors than most people do.  I don’t really have the vocabulary for what I’m seeing, in terms of colors. 

The blue and purple – it’s long brain waves.   (why is that important?)

Long brain waves slow heart rhythm down.  That’s what we’re going to have to practice.  Slowing everything down, as time speeds up.  So slowing down, slowing down, slowing down… Hypnotized Client Reveals Upcoming Ascension Event | In5D.comto be able to make a transition.

As time speeds up, we need to be able to go slower. Brain waves need to be slower, heart rhythm needs to be slower.

So we’re not trying to accelerate ourselves up to a higher vibration? 

MmmHmm.  (said matter of factly.)

So the blue and the purple, and it’s also black.  It’s a really dark blue with a tinge of black.  That’s important for the brain waves. 

I see all black and it’s somehow… fear about darkness, but the darkness somehow is good. 

So the darkness, we all have to go through.  It’s like the ocean that we’re afraid of, but the more we can go there, the easier.

We’ve heard there may be a period of darkness that we will go through during this ascension.  Is there any correlation?

Yes, that’s why we have to slow everything down. 

Too many colors is too much stimulation.  Some people will not be able to take the stimulation of the brighter colors.  It’s somehow they can’t take it.  They get afraid of the colors. 

The colors will be really, really bright.   Really bright.  Not quite neon, but brighter than neon.  And glowing.  And full of … you touch them with your hand, and you’re going through this color, but it’s not, people are not used to that, they’re thinking “material”, so when you can’t touch it, they’ll be afraid.

So the black and the blue, to concentrate on the black on the blue, it’s better. It won’t freak people out.

(using hands to demonstrate, folding together and apart again)  After you close a book, you put it away… and… you open another one.  It’s not just turning a page, but turning a whole cover. 

I have to say something…  It’s so beautiful, it makes you cry. (tears) It’s so bright, and it’s so…  We haven’t seen anything like it here on earth. 

It’s light and bright and no worries.  Aaaah… and I guess that’s what I’m trying to escape to. 

Hypnotized Client Reveals Upcoming Ascension Event | In5D.comYou know how we were talking about the pyramids and they’re overlaying… exactly on the same axis?  So do all the planets.  For each planet there are several levels. They’re all existing at the same time.  So there’s Earth, and then on this dense Earth…. is another Earth that’s a lot lighter and another one and another one.

(hands moving slightly outward)…  So we’re all co-existing here, and that’s true for all the other planets.  And for all the other galaxies… There’s layers within layers. 

So we’re trying to co-exist with the other layers of Earth that have a different name that I don’t know.  I hear something, “Terra… ”  “Amna Terra?”  So there are different names.   So there is a lot more happening here than what we see.

So there are people that do not want to make the transition. They will stay on the dense Earth. Which the dense Earth is taking a place that someone else left, like another planet.  And so the lighter Earth… that we want to ascend with… is taking Earth’s place.  It will stay in the same place. 

There are two more levels of Earth that are going to exist with us at the same time, that are even lighter. 

But the dense Earth here is a little concerning.  It’s like it’s falling, going through another cycle of density.  It’s like a magnet pulling it into the correct place. (concentrating, facial expressions)

What are you seeing?  I’m trying to get my mind around this time and space thing, because it’s like it’s already happening.. happened? 

It’s that different beings choose different layers of Earth, but all co-exist.  But this Earth we’re leaving behind,  it’s somehow falling away.   It will exist.  It will exist, but it’s not going to be in the same place, it’s not going to be part of one layer.     It’s coming apart from the other layers.

It’s like it’s going to replace some sort of moon, in a galaxy, staying close to us, but it’s going to be a different planet. 

Similar to the concentric layers of the earth…  There was an initial image of the purple, that seemed to have those concentric rings…?

Different suns, different planets, they are beings.  All these suns and galaxies are going through the same we’re going through on earth, so it’s not just earth ascending, it’s everything.  It’s a whole new… universes and galaxies going through the same shift Earth is.   It’s huge, actually!

It’s like a whole new copy and replica of what is now layered.  It’s just huge!  But we won’t be able to see it, so it won’t feel that overwhelming.  That’s why we’re not shown it all. (smiling.) It would be too much. 

How this applies to her life purpose at this time?

Passion.  Enthusiasm.  To put her energy towards.  And this is so much bigger than she could possibly compare anything to.  She’s been preparing and she’s supposed to help with the process and the mundane life is really unimportant.  It’s details. 

So this is just so big that human life, the problems we have here, seem comparably small.  

And yet there is an aspect where the human life, and all the decisions they make, they all have a part in this.  Is that correct?  Her life makes a difference in this development…?

So she is being shown this, so she has something to look forward to, and get beyond human life, and what pain and suffering we’re experiencing here. And be part of a bigger purpose, which makes life a little bit easier.  It feels like that pain and suffering won’t last very long. 

So there will be a tremendous amount of pain and suffering, but it won’t last very long.

What can she understand and put in place?  I hear “Nebulous.”  So it has something to do with this parting of earths and some sort of veil that comes between and incredible suffering about that process of “letting go” and who has chosen to   not go   with the lighter earth.  There’s a split, like having to let go of everyone who has chosen not to make the transition, and it’s a choice…. Everyone can.

The time frame of it won’t be very long, but the pain will be very deep because it’s all going to happen in a very short time.  There’s going to be a lot being left behind.

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Yes some things are not light enough … but it’s … we care about who we love, relationships, people, family. 

The relationships… How will they exist after that transitionary period, where some of us will choose different options…There’ll be a separation, what happens with the connections?

It’s like the spirit world, we’re coming to a spirit world, then helping to create a better world.  I’m seeing a lot of yellow and blues.  It’s a new beginning for everyone.  It’s a new beginning for the lighter world, if you call it that, but because it’s so big, everything’s going through the same thing and all these galaxies are going through this. 

There’s a whole new … I’m getting shown how we have gods and goddesses in the Buddhist realm and that there’s always another level. 

Hypnotized Client Reveals Upcoming Ascension Event | In5D.comI see a lotus flower at the very top.  And then I see this tree of gods and goddesses.  It has something to do with the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life…  So the colors are related to the different emanations. 

Aha!  (hand motions) We as people are going through this path, like the Tree of Life, and all the planets and galaxies are going through the same thing, so they are on their way up to wherever they are going…  So this picture is not just valid for us or the Earth, it’s valid for the whole universe, all the galaxies and everything. 

So the Earth, as it stays in the denser plane, is just going to be another emanation on the tree of life, as we are ascending.   And it just needs a purification. 

 There’s something about Kali… Shiva the destroyer.  And that’s what all these myths and legends and stories are about. That new worlds get created, others get destroyed, and start over on some new …  The ground rules are being put into place, completely new.  “Let’s start from scratch.”

I don’t think there will be a destruction of this planet.  It’s more like “new rules and start over”, but it is for a certain type of soul at a certain stage of development.

So our stages of development are very relevant to this change, to this progression that you’re seeing?  And the Hypnotized Client Reveals Upcoming Ascension Event | In5D.comnature of the perspective, relative to the relationships after the separation?

It will be like “us” watching over them.  It’s already clear who has chosen and who has chosen not. It’s just playing out now… It’s already all, it’s just being lived physically.  It’s like us becoming spirits that will help others, and there will always be higher beings that will help us.  It’s almost like graduating from high school. (laughter)

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Beautiful.  So we don’t really lose those connections, they just change, as far as what we’re able to perceive at each of these levels?

 Yes.  Right.  And so as we are going through it, there is pain, because we would like to take everyone with us.  (expression of recognition)

Is there something to understand about that?

No attachment.   We can make last minute choices if we keep our attachment and not let go, to not transcend.

That’s important to know.    YES.

And there was something being shown about this purple and the dark blue, the long brain wave, slowing down our heart.  Does that have an application to us in that point of perhaps getting excited and trying to hold on to something else…  that perhaps we have an invitation to lift away from?

It’s about staying in our Heart. And have certain frequency.  And to be able to transcend with the lighter Earth.  But there will be somehow people that want to help so much that they will choose to stay behind.  But that’s not really a wise decision, because we could help better from the lighter Earth.

But the attachment  to friends and family members could be so great that they would choose to stay with them.  Even though they themselves have the frequency, they’ll stay behind.  And the brain waves and the color is not related to that decision or to that love for the certain frequency, it’s more the actual process of ascension that could scare us.  It will be unusual.

Hmmmm… “Unusual” is a funny word!

Anything you notice about that word?

Yes, because nothing will appear the way we’re used to it.   

This is important information and we know this ascension is such a beautiful and wonderful invitation for many of us to embrace at this time.  There’s an aspect to where it will be unusual and if we respond in fear to that, there will be Hypnotized Client Reveals Upcoming Ascension Event | In5D.coman effect. 

You said there’s a last-minute choice where we could hold on to that which perhaps is usual…  There’s something about the long brain wave, the slowing down of the heart rhythm, so I’d like to ask now, if there’s a way to bring this together for ___ to understand and apply, to where we are right now, in these bodies, on this Earth?

 I hear whales.  So I’m hearing that the whales can teach us how to do that.  The whales and the dolphins.

Ok!  What can we learn from them?

Slowing down our heart rate, slowing down our heart rate and having different brain waves.     Oh!  And the water, the water!  The water will be helpful to be around, because that is a natural matter and the natural matters won’t change that much.

Ok so the elements themselves will be going to this lighter place?  Is there something about that?

Yes.  Anything natural will be the same.  Anything man-made will not be the same.

So water, water has something to do with the balance of the body fluids.  And it’s like…  a water birth … would make it easier than… the other way.

Water is important.     Not necessarily to be in the water, but definitely to replenish with water.

Keep well hydrated?


What about the whales and the dolphins; they make sounds in the water.  Is there something that would be important about this for ___ to access, in reply… in answering the question… regarding bringing all of this together in a way that’s relevant for her at this time?

What can the whales and dolphins teach us, that has to do with the water…?

They’re already there!  🙂 (lots of smiles)

OK! What are you noticing about this?

You know how they’re really like, playful? That’s where we’re going!    🙂


That they have a lightness about them?  So that’s where we’re headed… our Earth.       

So, they’re here to help(laugh)They’re here to help ascend … humanity.    (tears of joy in the realization)

Wow, that’s beautiful.

And they have, you know, a lot of purple and blue.  And I think they are generating it.  Yeah, they are generating the frequency of blue and purple.  It has to do with generating frequencies and helping to ascend humanity.             

They must love us so much.     

(tears, smiles, expression)    What are you noticing?

Yeah, they just are so Light, and so… Love.  

They don’t hold anything.  They don’t hold on to anything.

OK!  That’s important! What can you show ___ about this aspect of being light, not holding on to anything?  How is this important for her?              

It’s … I see all this blue, this amazing blue, magenta / blue.  It’s more like the Love for all beings, more like unconditional omni-presence……   omni-Love.  

Not to get hung up (she laughs at the word “hung up”!)  on one person, so I feel like this has to do with ___ (her recently departed husband)___   To understand that the Love flows through all of us.  And he’s more like, embracing everyone, not just embracing… but is everyone.  

I feel like these whole bands of ‘Love waves’, which could be frequencies, colors, bands connecting everything.   

So if you give love, you don’t just give it to one person, you give it … It’s an exchangeable, interchangeable energy.  It’s connecting everything. 

Somehow the whales and the dolphins know about this one. 

Ah, and there’s a morphogenetic field, so what one experiences, everyone experiences.   So what __(husband)__ is teaching, everyone experiences.  He just happens to have a connection with me to bring it forth, but it’s really … it’s   “put out into the universe”  and that is true for all the guides, not just one person. 

It’s like if you have an antenna you can pick up the radio station, or whatever. 

And I’m noticing about the dolphins, that they are so absolute in their commitment, and their surrender to come into our world and offer themselves from this light, loving place, to do that so freely… What can they teach us?

  They don’t get caught, with any of us.    They don’t get “hung up”. 

 Is there something that ‘s important for ___ that she can access about this, and how she can apply that in her life, right now? 

They are free!  They are free,  completely free…  No attachments.     

Is there something that’s important for ____ regarding this ascension process, that she can see from this perspective… and how she can apply that  ?

The realization that she’s free.   🙂

(personal Q&A here – re: emotional attachment, healing)

What I’m seeing is this Tonka and there’s god and goddess embraced, and they’ve become One.  It feels like a counterpart.  It doesn’t even feel like two separate beings.


There’s something about the whales and the dolphins being very free… 

You said the dolphins are helping with the ascension process, and they have much to teach us, because they know what’s going on, and they know why they’re here.  We’re looking to learn about what’s going on and to understand more about why we’re here.   You’ve said that these dolphins and whales have come to help us.  Is there something ___ can learn, and incorporate regarding all of this right now?


OK! Playfulness doesn’t take away from the seriousness and the value of this whole situation, but somehow contributes.  Is that correct? 


OK! So do you have any advice about how ___ can move forward in her life purpose, with regard to what we’ve just been discussing?  How can she apply this in a way that’s meaningful and her highest option, at this time?

Celebrate – Celebrate Life! 

Remember the Lightness.  Don’t lose it on your Path.


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