Vanessa Pareja – The Truth about the “I” – SeeThySoul Blog – 6-14-14



In my study of consciousness and my own witnessing of my self, taking note of every subtle shift in perceptions, I have come to an understanding of what the “I” is.

The “I” is the ordinary or waking consciousness. In my journey of awakening, I have developed self-awareness where in I became aware of the self, this body, this personality, this physical entity. Sometimes I would be aware of what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling,what I’m doing. Before, it would only be momentarily and I would slip back to unawareness or being the self, the personality. But eventually, my self-awareness became solid and the separation in consciousness was apparent to me. I began questioning “Who am I?”

There was a period of disorientation for not knowing who I really am. There would be a sense of unreality to experiences when you’re not experiencing them in the first person. So for quite some time, there is this occasional transition between 3rd person and 1st person experience.

I have come to the point where the “I” is no longer just the ordinary consciousness. Because of the separation, I have come to realize that I am not my mind or my emotions or my personality. But the normal tendency is to identify with the person.

The “I” has become pure consciousness. Actually, the “I” has always been the pure consciousness but because we are not aware, we mistake the “I” to be the ego, the personality or what appears on the outside.

The “I” is the eye of the soul which sees only beautiful things. But if the “I” is unaware of its true nature, it’s perceptions is discolored by the mind and the personality.

The “I” is a center of the One Consciousness therefore a vehicle to express this One Mind.

The “I” knowing who it is and what its part of can begin to cooperate with this One Mind and fulfill what it came here to do.

The “I” knowing its true place as the Master must compel the mind and the personality to be perfect instruments of this One Mind.


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