Healing Conversation – Sandra Walter and Lauren Galey – 6-6-14





In this 90-minute interview, Sandra Walter covers several aspects of this Ascension process that we are going through, some of which are summarised below:

  • Gatekeeping duties ~ opening portals to higher dimensional Light and connecting with them in preparation for the eventual Shift
  • 3rd/4th dimensions are technically gone, Gaia is moving on the the 5th
  • Another massive wave coming in June, entire Galaxy now pushed into new area hypercharged area of Photon Belt
  • Reminds us that Humans are pure Source in form
  • All grids now fully functional
  • Holding gates to Heaven open, merging Heaven and Earth
  • Cosmic triggers and markers in June/July ~ intense energies will make us sleepy or berserk!
  • These energies are snowballing us into the Shift, they are not going to calm down anytime soon, so please level up!
  • Journey getting more personal,yet  simultaneously merging into Unity Consciousness
  • Conscious participation and responsibility essential
  • Dimensional levels = Russian dolls, all nested within another
  • Golden Crystalline Heart Centre = pure expression of Source
  • Sandra takes us through Lightbody and consciousness expansional meditation, connecting with pure Creator Consciousness
  • Letting go of what was, forgiveness, be in Divine Neutrality ~ vital when the great Shifts come
  • Zero point energy just boomerangs everything back to us, so remain in neutrality and higher consciousness
  • Expressing our spirituality and authenticity 24/7
  • Ascension is an act of faith
  • Powerful activations that make us have to lie down
  • Crystallin cities, a band of consciousness around Planet
  • Mt Shasta, sacred vortex to higher dimensions
  • First wave of Ascension in 2015.

Please go here to read Sandra’s message and to listen to the audio.

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  1. My heart broke when they zoomed in on Nando’s face at the beginning of the match. He looked so sad. I honestly assumed he’d come in after the 70th minute or so. I’d really like for him to see some action in Munich.


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