Archangel Metatron and the 33rd Dimension – Remember the who, how and why you are here – 6-13-14



In the moment of time when you are feeling lost and bounded by this earth remember dearly beloveds that it was of your own accord that you have desired to step foot upon this planet. Remember that it YOU was who has commissioned yourself a vessel through which to experience this particular reality. Remember that it wasYOU who has fought through the numerous density levels. Remember that it was YOU who has trained hard in order to break through the barriers set forth by humanity’s shadow selves in order to infiltrate yourselves into their reality to assist them in returning home to ONENESS.

Remember then, when you are feeling low, remember when you are feeling down and fruitless that in essence it was YOU and still is YOU who has commissioned yourselves a vessel to come into this world to experience all that you are. And most importantly REMEMBER that it IS YOU who is mighty powerful enough to break through the illusions set forth before humanity by the unbalanced EGOs of yesteryear.

REMEMBER that it is YOU who is here to stand in all your might, power and beauty! Remember WHO YOU ARE! For you ARE a mighty powerful being! A being whose light to behold, is to be FREE!

For ALL of you illuminate the earthly planes of existence, to the tenth degree of infinity! For it is through YOUR VESSEL of time and space that transformation of this duality is possible. And shall and has and is occurring by the second. For it within YOU THAT THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD EXPLODES AND SREADS FAR AND WIDE, TRANSFORMING ALL THE DARKNESS THAT STANDS IN ITS WAY, Balancing and releasing, releasing and transmuting, transmuting and FREEING! Freeing those that are left in bondage, in bondage of their EGO selves, in bondage of time and space, in bondage of the veil of forgetfulness.

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REMEMBER then dearly beloved children of light, that it was YOU who has transverse multiple universes, multiple dimensions, multiple time lines multiple layers and barrier in order to set foot onto this earthly plane of existence. REMEMBER YOUR GENE EXPRESSION AND HONOR your vessel for through your vessel you are able to carry out all that you are! Through your VESSEL you are able to be heard, to be seen and to influence those that stand in the wake of the GRAND changes occurring rapidly on GAIA.
For without your Vessel NONE of the progress would EVER be achieved. Remember the brave souls that you are! Remember that we are in awe of all that you are! YOU ARE THE BRAVE ONES, YOU are the ones that shall carry this mission to fruitition. You are the ones to establish the new fundamental understanding of SELF and it is through YOUR efforts that this world shall be transformed into what indeed it is to become! For in all of you lays the KEY, the key to eternal transformation of self, to eternal understanding of truth, to unconditional love of the creator!

Carry your vessels with pride, allow your vessels to blossom, allow your souls to merge and play in the land of duality, for in truth, you are the holders of the balance within, for duality exists in the understand of EGO, but not in the understanding of spirit. For duality is the constant struggle between EGO and Spirit. For duality is in place in order for you to experience the three dimensional reality as you understand it to be: And it is through duality, that you are to find the balance within and connect to the divinity within your very souls.

Remember your path, open to your missions, know that we are here with you, walking with you foot in foot and hand in hand, Call upon us whenever you need us.
That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

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  2. Would anyone who has been a portion of the program from the beginning mind sending me copies with the prior letters? I’m signed up now but unfortunately did not hear of this until now. Many, many thanks in advance.


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