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I am sooooooo excited to share with you this ***very special*** video that I created about DNA and the living fire light codes of our ascension blueprint. I have found in my research that there are a few really important books about the spiritual side of DNA, all of which correlate with each other from unique and beautiful perspectives. These three books The Keys of Enoch, The Gene Keys, and Earth Changes in 2012; Messages From the Founders, have all greatly evolved my perspective on DNA and I have created this video as an inspired synergy of all the wonderful information I have procured on this subject.

Get ready for a journey into the deep spiritual history of DNA, from the 12th dimensional source of its creation through the fire letters and colours, sounds, light and sacred geometries & mathematics of God, to the journey of how it became convoluted and is again being restored. I include detailed scientific information on the “outbreath of God” how DNA has stepped down into the “lower” dimensions, and “the inbreath of God” how our DNA is causing radical transformations in our cellular structure for our ascension back into the highest realms of universal God consciousness.

Please note that the ascension process into 5D which is detailed here, including the transformation our our bodies into silica-based crystaline light bodies, is already well underway in millions of human beings, which is already being documented by some of our scientists. I provide some advice about the ascension process into 5D, essentially that it is not something to be rushed into or hurried in an inappropriate manner, it has its own flow sequence for various reasons.

In this talk I discuss the specifics of 12-strand DNA (what it is and how it becomes activated), the true functions of so-called “Junk DNA”, and some of the amazing things that can be done with DNA in ancient, advanced civilizations like Lemuria, throughout the universe, and potentially in our earthly future… such as adaptability to living underwater or in extremely harsh acidic conditions. I also discuss how DNA interacts with neutral-zones created by the intersection of 2 EM frequency bands, which when combined with lazer technology can allow bi-location, something which can be used for many purposes on Earth and in the many universes.

Overall this is a great adventure and I hope you will find the information here as enlightening and catalyzing to your divine journey of ascension as I have !!

The resources promised in the video are as follows :

Gene Keys :
Gene Keys Introduction, Key 55, and chart of spectrum of consciousness :
Keys of Enoch :
Earth Changes in 2012; Messages from the Founders :

Light Science –

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