Darkness as a teacher, Holy Creators on how to transmute the shadow self

Jose Sanchez


When our consciousness finally rises above the mentality of duality many problems or views cease to exist. Our view of life itself changes. We are here to continually grow and change and evolve to be the human gods we were sent to be.

One thing I have noticed among many light workers and new agers is that they try to hide or pretend evil and darkness no longer exist. By denying the existence of darkness or by simply ignoring it we are then pretending that aspect of our creator does not exist.
By doing so we are then perpetuating and prolonging life within the confines of duality. Duality is simply a classroom where we were sent to experience and learn darkness 101.

As a light weaver and love weaver I have had my crossing and experiences with darkness. Many times in a very intimate manner and at times extremely…

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