Ashtar via Marc Gamma – Awakening May Start Now – We Await You on the Other Side – Tsunami Of Love Proceeds – Inner, Outer Earth Energies Will Equalize – Inner Earth Agarthans getting Ready To Come To Surface Earth – 6-3-14


[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

Lord Ashtar   –  

There is great joy at our side and this is the reason why I am coming to you today in order to submit this joyful message of light to you.

We, and thereby meaning the Spirtitual Hierarchy, the Galactic Federation of Light and Miriads of souls on planet Earth are passing now through some very important phase of transformation and this is why I’ve come to you in order to prepare you for everything which is to come now.

It is my great pleasure to speak to you through this very channel. Many messages have been spread through him already and he – as well as all of you – had to proceed on this very road – being necessary in order to arrive exactly here at the point-rightful location of your great ascension.


We and meant all of us thereby taking part in this great project, this very huge event, we are preparing ourselves for the next and so important phase to come !

Most potent powers, energies, love and vibrations are being prepared for the next coming phase. There is something like a mobilization on all levels. And with it, I make use of some certain term expressed by this channel quite often and which I’d like to make you somewhat more familiar with. With mobilization I want to describe that all forces of light are taking their right positions now in order to prepare you for the next appearing phase of your awakening.

You have been supported by this very channel and by us too about what will await you next. Many people followed this channel since his messages derive from Light and also from his Heart. However, there are still some of you which have not succeeded to learn all lessons and this now should be explained to you.

In his explanations and accompanied by us you were introduced into the so-called “END-GAME-SCENARIO” which is being dissolved now.

This very “END-GAME-SCENARIO” has served as some tuition to several lightworking humans and many more other wonderful souls here.

Some of your lightworking humans purposely had been assigned to spread false information so that this channel had been miscredited in the consequence of such behavior.  Please, comprehend it is not the question of this very channel. We could have taken any other channel too, since it does not play any role which one should be chosen to take over this kind of responsibility. Still, he had offered himself before his incarnation to play this specific part and has played his role in that game aiming to put lightworking people and many other souls to severe tests.

Most of them have understood everything since they listened to their very hearts and were not fooled by such false information. They read messages of this channel with their hearts and not solely, with their mind and thus they noticed that all messages were sent from Light and Love which is all your true essence. Whoever has missed this entire game shall not mind at all. It was not targeted for all of you still for some few handfuls of highly evolved souls still having to learn their very lesson.

Shall we change the subject here after I have explained to you all about the “END-GAME-SCENARIO”.

There is some other opening of a portal in June approaching. There will be worldwide meetings of people at the event of solstice. Great work will be done on those meetings and gatherings of various groups on soul levels then. Many will meet in order to anchor the energies inside planet Earth. More will come together in order to dissolve karma from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. Others again will just simply come to be there in order to take up energies into their great hearts and to grow inside themselves.

After this great opening of this June-Portal which will be announced too by other channels – energies’ level on Earth will be again increased and on behalf of all light-beings I mean that you will be enveloped again in some “Tsunami of Love”. This kind of energy will reach some extent of potential never experienced before, so that it will set you FREE FINALLY !

You will wake up finally and eventually you will recognize what it is about to become WHOLLY AND ENTIRELY ONESELF!

I, Ashtar, shall be there on my ship too when the portal is being opened up. I shall direct very essential energies from my ship “New Jerusalem” into Inner Earth of Gaia so that  “Outside Earth” may be prepared to accept the imminent announcement of all the inhabitants from “INNER EARTH”.

By that date all vibrations will have reached that degree so that they, inhabitants from “INNER EARTH”,  may move about freely on the surface of this planet since the difference of vibration between “OUTER AND INNER EARTH” will equal ZERO.

This will have such effect that all of you will bathe in the very same wonderful energy. There is no more any separation! It is time for all of us to introduce mutually the next following step and proceed in such way. Will you join us ? All of us have been waiting such a long time to experience this most unique moment of WAKING-UP and FINALLY all the WAITING  has come to an end now.

I am Ashtar and I am the harbinger of the best greetings from the “High Council of Twelve”.  Very soon the Council of 12 will speak to you, provided time is mature. Stay truly in your hearts and I shall welcome you, like many others too once you wake up accordingly.



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