13, 000 Year Old Satellite – Black Knight UFO – Posted by Sapphirian Jade – 6-10-14

Throughout the 1950′s – 1960′s mysterious satellite’s showed up in an unfamiliar orbit around the Earth

Back in 1954 this was a huge story about a mysterious unidentified flying satellite still today, this is a curious story..


I think people live in this like a space station.  It is so gigantic that it could have an entire city in it. Since this was first found many decades ago, you have to wonder how anyone could put a date on the actual “age” of this space craft. 


But since I’ve been doing these Ufo stories, it seems during the Virmana times, craft have been flying around the earth for thousands and thousands of years.  As many civilizations come and go, and come and go, history gets lost in translation.


Each day we seem to learn a bit more of our planet and it’s history, kids would stay in school if they had subjects to learn like these space stories, it makes learning fun.

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