Russell Brand – Awakened Man – Consciousness

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What a privilege it was to edit the words of one of the greatest men of our generation.

Having said that this video is not about Russell Brand at all it is about the message and that message has never been more simple, its LOVE.

I share a lot of the same beliefs with Russell and was inspired to do this project as he says things I feel and in such an open, honest and pure way on media platforms in the public eye.

Trimmed from hours of inspiring, loving and pure truth interviews/talks Russell has been involved in throughout the last year.

I do not own any of the rights to the visual or audio content within this video. It was made as creative project. An expression of newage theories in a somewhat artistic way.

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My Spiritual Path and quest for Ascension led me to begin Higher Density Blog in late 2012. Sharing discoveries, exploring 5D Abilities, Universe within, Unity Consciousness, New Science, Galactics, Awakening Humanity and Arts of Creation weave the fabric of Higher Density Blog.

3 thoughts on “Russell Brand – Awakened Man – Consciousness”

  1. I dont difrenciate bewteen organisms as far I can possible and practicaly implement that consioucness and, by that between Plants and Animals.

    The Law is known by all, and even the smalest creature knows this, to Never take more than you actually need.
    The ballance in the imiditate suroundings is the core of everything, evoc it and it slamms back, with an systemic inballance that will eventually have consuequences brougth on your self, the weel of life.
    Death and Life, alfa and omega, the beginning and the end, Life cant survivve without death, and there will be No death, if there isnt life.
    Have respect for everything, kill animals with the utmoust care and make it humane/swift, and you havent done anything worng.
    The plants are a part of nature that have been “undereestemated”, their intelligence and ability to interact have been neglected, their powers and usfullness to our own future and the realtionshipp between us, is forgotten.

    Fungus is not even mentioned, the biggest living entety ever been on our planet, and still are, is a fungie, a single fungie can be square km, in sice.
    Fungies are a gift, use it wisely, and with utmoust respect but dont be afraid, and for heavens sake, if you have a buggfobie, dont take anything in the fiorest and thereby blaming the drugg for the bad tripp.
    When instead you can have a dince and educated converstaion with the Ant, instead of screaming by fear.

    Do you understand the difference.

    Otherwise, the terminology that a lott of people use is based on intellectualising and semantical drivel, is based on NO epiriences.
    The difference between beliving and Knowing is by Preactising alone.
    This isnt religion, never was, its the downplauing and comon mans interpitations of reality that have stucked in “our minds”, and thereby induced fear and insecurety, with should have been there in the first place. People should realise this, the gates further up in the levels and to be able to go to the other side, not lucid dreaming, that isnt the other side, that the next 2 gates is about ability to move and utelise the LD stage, because what you do inthere, even the flying, is all posible to do in the other side, the difference is fundamntal but stil the ability to amnipulate is there.
    The masters have gone thure the 4 gate, and thats something else.

    I will recomend just One book if you are going to read something you havent or even knew about.
    The book is The Art of Dreaming, the moust important book ever writen.
    I know, because I have done it, and have stopped everything for now, not just because I know, but I am afraid of my own anger, because the other side, you have “divine powers”, and beyound the 4 gate, you can utelise this powers on THIS side to.

    The war on consciousness is the war on your inner silence and the mastering of Intent.
    I meditate in a more awken state, I recomend NO thinking, stopp analysing, stopp this intellectualisings and go for expirience alone, and fealings.
    They are the ONLY tool our maker gave us all.
    Intuition is my only remedy, in the realms of the unknown, we dont have anything else, totaly naked.
    DO YOU UNDERSTAND The differences, if you do, then the road is begunn.
    I am not leading anyone, I just give you whats our inherent right, to be free.

    Its not always difficould, its just uncharted territory.



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