Steve Beckow – In the Service of Ascension – Part 1/3 – 6-5-14

mahatma-gandhiTeresaHigher beings often incarnate to affect the course of historic events. We know, for instance, that St. Francis incarnated as Mahatma Gandhi, (1) St. Clare as Mother Teresa, (2) and St. Germaine as Merlin, Francis Bacon, Christopher Columbus and others. (3)

The Divine Mother herself incarnates as the essence of every avatar, like Rama, Krishna, and Ramakrishna. These individuals are therefore the highest examples of composite beings.

We lightworkers are higher-dimensional beings who’ve incarnated to assist with the mass, physical Ascension that’s happening now and is the first in the universe.

I’d like to spend a few moments looking at some aspects of incarnating to play a role in this event.

Many of us, Archangel Michael says, “are an aspect or an emanation — not an apparition — … of the higher realm.”

Whether higher-dimensional beings incarnate to invent a new device, discover a new world, or help with Ascension, a part of us remains in the higher realms, as St. Germaine explains: “When you come into human form, a portion of your ‘self’ stays in the higher dimensions to guide you, and this is your Higher Self.” (4)

We heard Archangel Michael tell us earlier that our angelic self  “is not your higher self. If you want to think in the way you do, in terms of layers, think of your angelic self as above your higher self.” (5) All quotes that follow in this article are from this same source.) Both aspects of us remain largely outside our incarnated form.

Many of us aligned ourselves with greater beings when we were first birthed from Source. Archangel Michael explains:

“There are many of you who, when you have chosen sides, as it were, when you have chosen your ray. When you have originally birthed, you have aligned yourself, say, with me, and you carry that energy. Now, some, in a slight manner, and some in a very dramatic manner. So you are an aspect – not that I overtake you, because I would never choose to do that. That is against the Mother’s realm of free will.

“But your leanings, the aspect of your spiritual self is very deeply aligned with that energy. Some of you are very deeply aligned with the aspect and the embodiment of the energy of the Divine Mother, the Magdalena, Yeshua, Sanat Kumara, St. Germaine, Archangel Gabrielle. So, there is that aspect that you wish to also deeply anchor within you.”

While we’re incarnated, apparently we can send an aspect of ourselves, usually in the night hours, to accompany the higher beings like Archangel Michael on special missions to the world’s hot spots or to relieve suffering. He describes that capability here:

“Every person, every being, even myself included (but let us restrict our conversation to the human experience), has many aspects. It is not a totality or a bi-location; it is an aspect of yourself that goes often with me during a certain mission or purpose while you are still whole and complete in your physical self.”

We may, during our incarnation, have various forms of relationships and interactions with the beings we’re aligned with. The first one I want to discuss is being overlit. Archangel Michael tells us:

“Now, when you have that connection, that lineage — to any of us, but, again, I will use the example of myself — there are times throughout life when, of course, you will feel two things — one, at times, the over-lighting (and I use over-lighting, not over-shadowing) of yourself, of the totality and sweetness of your being with my energy.

“You will feel at moments, ‘Well, I must be channeling!’ because you feel the energy of our connection, and as if I am sitting a couple of feet above your head and simply flowing my energy through you, blessing you, loving you — over-lighting you! — giving you, sharing with you, insight, information, sense of direction that is important to you or to your circle in that moment or for a period of time.”

This sense of being overlit may come and go.

“This over-lighting usually comes and goes, depending on how clearly you align with any of us, every day or occasionally. There are times when you will be over-lighted by someone or some being — an archangel or a mighty one — that you do not have, shall we say, regular affiliation with, but you are working on an aspect of yourself or a project where you have, on a soul level, called that energy forth.”

Tomorrow we’ll look at a deeper form of entering into partnership with those we’ve aligned with: merging.

(Continued in Part 2.)


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