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New Earth Islands Of Light

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The New Earth Islands of Light and How to Get There

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How do we change the existing environment that we have been living in for
millions of years?

First, there is no Source “and . . .”
There is only Source.
All is Source. All is made of Divine Mind and Divine Love.

In our New Earth Islands of Light that are being created at this time, it is being
created having our being in Source – Divine Light, Divine Mind, Divine Love;
looking out onto creation through the eyes of Source – Christ through the perfect
Divine Blueprint of the 12th Dimension (where your Christ Self resides); known
through the ideal of the Perfect Kingdom of the 6th Dimension; and then breathed
into form in the Structure of the 5th Dimension.

The 4th Dimension is there too, but only the highest frequency aspects of Love,
Compassion, Allowance, Forgiveness that is rooted in the 4th chakra, which is the
new base chakra of all entities that live in the New Earth. Chakras 1, 2, and 3
become transmuted.

The lower frequencies are not a part of the New Earth Islands of Light, including
the lower frequencies of the 4th Dimension. The New Earth is Oneness founded
upon Divine Love.

Our New Earth Islands of Light are being created in this way and will be created
in this way around the Earth. There will be many Islands of Light.

As we went farther and farther from Source, the 3rd Dimension became more and
more dense with lower and lower frequencies. This is a part of God as well and it
is the 3D School of Hard Knocks. Since 2000, we have been on a course back
towards Source and will continue on this course for a long, long time. It is now
time to graduate from the 3rd Dimension.

We don’t change the existing 3rd Dimension, we transmute our own individual
environment around us and grow and grow the higher frequencies around us to
create a standing wave pattern around us that matches that of the New Earth
Island of Light. Once the individual’s frequencies, consciousness, thought, and
actions matches that of the New Earth Island of Light, a shift in the angle of the
rotation of particle spin can occur and “like Magic” the individual will be able to
shift to the New Earth Islands of Light that are being formed at this time.

The shift to the New Earth will take effort on each individual’s part for it is also
your individual ascension and no-one can ascend for you. A door or elevator will
not simply open for you to step into to take you to the New Earth Islands of Light.
You must do it through your own understanding and growth and with the help of
the Beloveds in the actual “rotation of particle shift” to a New Earth. Island of

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

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