Lord Ashtar Callout To Lightworkers – Heart of Mother Earth Meditation – Stabilize Tectonic Plates,Oceans – 6-2-14


Focus, Lightworkers! Tectonic Plates,Oceans & the Heart of Mother Earth Meditation by Lord Ashtar

Lord Ashtar

To Begin Today, Every Day for the Next Seven Days, At Least ***15*** Minutes Per Day

channeled by Rev. Janisel — janisel(((@)))sanandaseagles.com


Ashtar   –   To Meditate and Visualize DAILY

Greetings! It is I, Ashtar. There is so much happening on your world, much of it that you aren’t even aware of. The waves of energy continue to affect not only the earth, her inhabitants and her grids but also her very path through the cosmos. A time of very big changes, to be sure! Your planet has been, and still is, in a bit of a wobble due to some movement of what you call the tectonic plates; you are still receiving copious amounts of energy through your moon; and both of these are affecting your emotional bodies. So the Eagles [and all of YOU who are reading this] are being asked to help bring about a little more stability within the associated grids.

1) For the first five minutes of this meditation you are asked to visualize a triangle composed of your planet, your sun and your moon. You are to then send the Energy of Love to the `space’ in the middle of that triangle.

2) For the next five minutes you are asked to send the Energy of Love to the tectonic plates of planet Earth. You do not have to know `where’ they are; simply state your intent and it shall be so.

3) Lastly, you are asked to send the Energy of Love to the Heart of the planet herself. There have been so many discordant energies, such as fear and anger, generated by events that are happening upon the surface, that your Mother Earth is being affected and in need of `shaking them off’, so to speak. So please send her your love and let her feel your support for her.

I AM Ashtar, fully in support of you and sending you my love. Salut!

(more GRID information and details about Ashtar’s Trinity below)



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