Karen Dover – Creation of Reference points in TRUTH – 5-30-14



Many of you may be wondering why I state that the old 3D earth created reality reference points are dissolving then immediately state that you will create your own personal reference points in relation to the New Earth.  This at first glance may appear to make no sense, the human logical mind will try to filter my words out if it senses there is little “logic” in the construction of the information.  This is why there is no logic in the New Earth reality unfolding and exactly why the human logical mind is now being moved from the “front seat” of your human vehicle to the passenger seat with your HEART space now driving your human vehicle.

Imagine if you will that you had never seen snow before in your life, then you visited a country where there was snow.  The actual experience of “snow” is your reference point, it may APPEAR that you have a reference point for snow already, you could google it for example, you could watch a programme showing you snow but in this analogy I am stating you have never PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED snow.  It is the EXPERIENCE that gives you the reference point that you require.  So when I say that the reference points for the New Earth reality are created for you by the experience this is exactly what I mean.




You can talk about energies, you can read about, you can discuss them but the actual reference point that is needed by the human vehicle is only created at the point you have the EXPERIENCE, this is the point of interaction with said energies. Up until this point you have only a human word that has been given a meaning, this is not experience and the New Earth is about personal EXPERIENCE.

YOUr SOUL knows this and it is this very experience and resulting reference points that YOUr SOUL is attempting to give to you through the people, places and scenarios that are now unfolding around you, through you and within you at this time.  This is precisely why you are moved into scenarios that take you out of PERCEIVED comfort zones, to show you the personal experience and to show you that that which has been “defined” for you is not necessarily that which is TRUTH.





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