You Are Currently Straddling Two Worlds – Divine Mother and One Who Serves in Answers From the Masters – Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell – 5-27-14



“Divine Mother”

What a wonderful sound, the chanting of the “OHM”. This helps to raise the vibration. There is a little bit of fatigue in this group from the blessings of the day yesterday. I am the Divine Mother coming to share with you today. We all enjoyed the picnic yesterday so very much. And we enjoyed the opportunity to share with you in very different ways. As you look through your pictures you will find me bathed in blue tones in your photos and know that I was there. And I saved the message for today because there was enough that was shared yesterday.

What is important to share with you today will be a follow-up to dear Ashtar’s message last week. Because as this evolution has sped up more and more there will a feeling that you are straddling two worlds. He spoke about the feelings that many things in the life you have lived up to this present time have become more and more distant in your memories. And there is purpose to this.

I would say that there is a way to describe this in a way that the women in the group will understand better than the men. When a woman goes through the fullness of a pregnancy and then the labor begins. And as the labor pains increase, how many times (and I have had times of bearing children in the physical body), in the midst of that labor, one thinks, “Never again.”

But what happens at the other end when there is a natural rush of hormones and new memories that are created? Does not one feel amnesia set in when you hold your baby and you see your baby’s face and you connect with your baby for the very first time? So that is what these days are like, in many ways, you are birthing a new human. And it is all of you who are part of the process of giving birth.

It is raising consciousness, yes. It is lifting up of all the humans on this planet and it has been, we know, great sorrows, great challenges, great pains, great realizations and there shall be a sense of amnesia that sets in when you reach the other side and look back over the river you have crossed. Sometimes you have crossed in canoes that you had to paddle with your hands to reach the other side. And it will be beautiful and you will soon forget all that you had to endure to get there.

Part of that experience is knowing that this amnesia that is setting in and it seems more like remembering your life as a past life in many ways. As past incidences no longer hold their toll on you that you know longer connect with things that might have been hurtful or challenging in your younger years. That as you let go and release which is part of the importance of this time, to release and let go of old patterns, old relationships, old jobs, old achievements, old successes even. None of these have meaning in the life you are living now and the life you are moving into.

And one of the things that is challenging is that it can bring fear up because you are in a place of insecurity, you are in a place of uncertainty. If not this, then what? This is another reason that we have talked so much with you during these messages and in messages we have delivered through others, about visualization. About creation of the new world, about creation of what you want to accomplish, about what you want to have in your life. The creation of the project that this group has been given for the worldwide global consciousness event set for September 11th this year is part of the vision for the new world. There is intention in this for it is part of this group’s consciousness in creating a new world of unity, love and forgiveness. And so this project is important for the seeds you are planting, in the audiences you are reaching out to around the world.

And so what can I tell you for a picture of what you are doing at this time? What comes to my mind is for you to think of someone who is walking on stilts. And, you might have that picture in your mind at this moment. Imagine, even you have never done this, imagine that you are ten feet off the ground on these stilts and you are walking and you seem pretty balanced and pretty confident. Then there is a large body of water, say five or six feet across, and you don’t want to get the stilts wet because there is some part of you that believes that if you get the stilts wet they might slip which is not true but that is your belief. So you take one and you walk it across the water and then the leg that is left behind you does not have the other stilt beside it to balance. And you become wobbly and uncertain about whether you can move that next stilt over to where you are balanced again. So you are struggling to remain in balance between these two points. Finally you have that strength and you move that stilt to you. And you struggle a little to get the balance point again and then you stand upright again and can continue on the path.

So you are in this very awkward position right now of moving from one aspect of your life as your internal bodies changes are taking place and those are mirrored in the outside world as you continue to move forward as other changes are taking place within the world. Again, this is a time of uncertainty and confusion. Sometimes it brings up fear. Sometimes it brings up grief. Sometimes it brings up other emotions. We will tell you it is time to be in the moment. Allow whatever emotions arise to rise. To acknowledge them, work with them and see what they are. And know that you are birthing a new baby. You are birthing a new you! And that everything, and we know it is taking faith in the moment, but everything will unfold exactly as it should and on the other side you will be washed with such joy and emotion and bliss that none of this will have mattered. And it won’t matter how long the labor took. It won’t matter how many pains you had to go through. It won’t matter that what you thought would happen in days, months or even years took as long as it did because it just took what it needed to.

And so, we give you this opportunity to experience this grand change on a very personal level as well as in this group and the group level of all of humanity. There are so many of us here who are acting as your “Midwives” and we are going to continue with this analogy and continue to birth this new humanity. And to work with you and beside you but we cannot take your labor pains away. But we are here to mop the sweat from your brow, we are here to take you under your arms and support you, we are here to give you our heart, standing with, beside you, behind you and around you with love.

That is our purpose in this and be able to share in messages such as this to let you know that you are on the right track and that life in fact exactly where it is supposed to be. We appreciate that this particular group has moved beyond the questions of monies and currencies and whens? And has been much more focused inwardly. That is a tremendous amount of growth that we wish to acknowledge in you. And know that one foot going at a time in front of another, you are on the right path. And even if you are concerned about whether or not you should be planning for a year ahead, five years ahead or ten years ahead, whatever you are planning, if you are doing it with love and with Divine Guidance, it will unfold exactly as it is meant to unfold and perhaps all you have at the moment is the vision from the perspective that you can hold in the moment.

Much as the planning for the lighting of the candle, you can plan for what you can plan and as those event begin to unfold in your world begin to unfold and you can have that flexibility and adaptability to move the way that you need to move and that is symbolic for each of you in your lives. It is symbolic for you in terms of your jobs, it is symbolic for you in terms of your relationships, it is symbolic in terms of where you are with your children be they adults or little ones.

You cannot put your lives on hold, Dear Ones. It is not a time to put lives on hold. It is a time to plan and build a consciousness. It is time to visualize and affirm. To write out what you see and what you feel for yourself. And as things continue to unfold you have the ability to be flexible and adaptable to maneuver on the path as you need to.

So go forward in faith and know that you are being led by your Higher Self. And that as more and more of that communication takes place with you and that part of your being that has a much larger picture of what is in store for you, listen to the messages in your heart and those messages will never lead you astray. And so this is a time, as always, that love in action, in your life, in your words and in your thoughts and as we are with you we are happy to be love in action with you as well.

So today we will take questions on this topic or what is happening in the world. Whatever you would like to discuss this day.

Question: This is about my husband’s dream. What insight can you give?

In part, of course one of the things we must remember when discussing dreams is that everybody’s symbols mean something different. And so, reading books are not effective, truly, in understanding what a person’s dreams may mean. Because there are levels of symbols that are universal that people will relate to and there are levels of symbols that are very personal. For instance, I would share, perhaps a person is standing by an ocean and their feeling about the ocean in the dream is, “Oh, how beautiful. It is so calming. The white caps on the waves are so pretty.”

Another person may have a dream of standing on an ocean and have a similar picture in the dream but they may have great fear come up because for them the ocean is frightening. Perhaps, they had a past life where they drowned and the ocean does not bring them feelings of pleasure. So, I want to share that before I discuss this particular dream.

So, let’s say that, in part, it is important for him to know is that he is feeling blocked in by his life in some way, by his previous thought patterns, by his background and he is seeing an opportunity to work out of that particular pattern. And the nine by nine is the completion set of numbers so it is time for him to walk out of that darkness and find the light and follow that light in his path. It is being revealed to him moment by moment. Can you take this message back to this one?

Question: What is my next step in spreading the light for me and my path?

Yes, we would say to you that your heart is leading you in the direction you need to go and so it is merely a matter of listening, listening to the direction and watching as things come across your screen, let us say, those things that come into your mind because more and more you are linked to those messages that are coming from your guides, your angels, from all of those who are around you and from your Higher Self. Again, this is the message today, that the Higher Self is more and more integrating with every single one of you in this room and for all on this planet but especially those who are Lightworkers and those who are awakened.

You will notice that there is a more direct conduit for information coming into your life. You have a path of healing opening up to you. The healing you will be working with will be to help people move at this time, through traumas in their lives and you will help them come into a more balanced understanding around. You will continue to reach out to people in ways that you have already begun but as you have inspiration along this path you will actually be receiving methods of healing from your Higher Self and from your past lives. And Susan and James will both be able to assist you in this process of helping you to access that information more effectively.

You are indeed a light in every place you appear Dear, and you are a light in every place you go. As you continue forward in your path see where inspiration begins to lead you. You do not need to know specifics but what you are moving into is a much greater area of healing and working with people and that heart that you have is so large that it will lead you in the correct direction! Watch your dreams. Watch TV shows. Watch for messages that come across your computer because you will be receiving messages from all places and they are magnetized to you at this time because it IS the time for you to receive them. Does that make sense to you?

Question: What is my role in this life?

You had quite an immersion today, haven’t you? You are opening up in many grand ways and what you will be able to see is that you are going to witness of the connectivity of all of life and of all of these things you learned about today and how they directly connect back to you in a way that will very much surprise you. You will be receiving messages from those that you have close to you in spirit and ways that will awaken you at times because you will be receiving more and more messages in that dream state between sleeping and waking, Raj, and what those dreams will be doing is providing ways to guide you in this world too.

Your life will take many changes and you are going to see that as you move forward you will be traveling around the world and you will be involved with many different activities that are of interest to you. We actually see you involved with many building opportunities for various and various peoples and places and you have to know that it is after the changes take place and then you will be moving supersonically around this planet and in charge in moving and building and helping to shape this new planet.

So do not be impatient. Wait and share! We look forward to hearing about the dreams that you share with this group in the future. Know that you will be having dreams of blueprints that won’t make any sense to you except that you had the courage to ask this question today.

Question: When I go to the Temple, what am I doing there?

This is a time that you spend in attunement. This is a time out of this particular realm so that you get clarity and strength and you bring attunement more deeply into your whole soul being. And so when you come back into this particular existence you are then moved in the directions that you need to move. It is all in preparation and unification of your various parts, your multidimensional soul parts. It is time to unite all of those things.

You take a lot of time and a lot of pleasure in examining your various lives, your past lives, your future lives; you take great pleasure in knowing totally who you are at all levels. That is why it gives you so much pleasure to be there and why you come back feeling lighter and refreshed.

Question: How can I help my daughter who lost her husband?

We wanted to take a moment to think about the entire big picture here. As you know there are no accidents so as horrible and as sad and all of those other human feelings that we have around these types of situations, this is something that was planned and it was a soul agreement that she had with her husband.

As hard as this is for you, it is not a time to be a mother in terms of wanting to “get her on the right path” let us say. It is time to be a mother that is just there in heart. Be there to fill her cup to overflowing with love and to be very sensitive to your grandchildren and very sensitive to looking at her actions and knowing that they are her way of dealing with grief. And that they are her way of muddling through a very, very dark time in her life.

And while it may seem that she is not productive in what she is doing, in her activities, around this very sad event and things that are unfolding in her life, we see that it will return to more of a state of norm when she is allowed to do the process that she needs to do. And so it is your job, yes, to be a grandmother, and to support those grandchildren and to support her with love but not to try to change her. Not to change her path, not to change her behavior because that puts walls between you and the daughter you love. It is your’s to fill her with love. We know that this is a huge task we give you but this is the guidance that we would give.

Would there be any more questions today from this group? Well, hearing none and feeling no more in the energy, we will let this come to an end.

Please know that the message that Ashtar brought to you last week and this I bring to you this week as a group is to support you and to continue to let you know what is unfolding on a moment to moment basis to the best of our ability. For there is much that you just need to experience in the moment. Be in faith and know that there is a Higher Plan at work and that your Highest Self knows what your part in it is, even if you do not in this moment. Do not worry about sliding backwards. Do not worry about making movements forward. Just live in the moment, day to day, moment to moment and yet yes, think about what you want to be planning for your future so that this ripe, fertile ground that is right in front of you is ready for your dreams and ready for that new life you are birthing!

We bless you and we give you thanks for your time and attention. We will speak with you again.

“One Who Serves”

We will be very brief here. We know that the energy has been sucked out in some ways in your experiences yesterday and we wish to share something with you very quickly here. And that is to continue to be who you are, wherever you find yourself, be who you are. Do not hide behind the rocks but come out in the front and be the person that you are, the Lightworker that you are. The one who brings the Light to all that you come in contact with.

We understand from your earlier discussion, and yes, we do “peep” in here and there and know some things that happen during those times, and we know that Natalie had experiences in her native land and she shared the Light! She shared who she was and she continued to be herself. And not hide as a wallflower.

It is important for each one of you to know who you are and to begin more and more to share who you are. To go about your mission. To go about your Father’s business as Yeshua said long ago. This is very important and wish for you in this time in your movement of consciousness, for you to begin to do that. To not hide behind but to come forward to share who you are. That does not necessarily mean that you are to hit someone over the head if they are not ready to listen or are not ready to awaken, only if the opportunity arises, if the question comes up, or of anything of this nature, then share openly as to who you are. Do you understand this?

It is very important now as the conditions continue on toward the mass awakening which is coming here, this is what we are asking now. That you assist with this mass awakening wherever you possibly can. This will also help to bring on what has been called the “Event”. It is all part of it. And you are a major part of it. You, the collective “You” who are the ones called the Lightworkers.

Would there be any questions at this time? We know you have already had questions but if there are particular questions that “The One Who Serves” can answer here, we are happy to do so.

Question: Was the violet light that I saw yesterday, St. Germain?

We find that this was an expression of the St. Germain, not so much him being there because he is quite busy now, you must understand. So there are many things that he and others, Archangel Michael and other renowned Ones are quite busy. Yes, they can be in many places at one time just as we can but it is important that a portion of himself was there for you to experience that which you experienced, you see? Does this make sense to you?

Question: Were there extraterrestrial or star ships there?

Oh, my goodness! Were there star ships there? Oh yes! There were extraterrestrial ships, star ships, Elemental Beings, Cetacean Beings, all of them were there. And yes, those of us that are called “Ascended Masters” were there. Please understand that we do not necessarily like the term “Master”, we use it because that is what you use. We are brothers and sisters. Always know that. So even though we will use your terminology we do not necessarily like it and it will not continue on very shortly after the “Event” and we will simply be who we are.

Just as the new member of the group here, the Raj, is who he is. Raj, “Do you recognize this personality? Do you have recognition here?”  It will come in time because we certainly know of you and it is not from this lifetime necessarily but it is from a past time when you were a chela, a student, that was working with a Master and those of us were also in those times with you. Not so much with the one you were working with but in the vicinity with you. You will come to understand this more and as the guidance continues for you to come to this group and it will come for you. Welcome here!

And we want to say it is very interesting and important that you have a group that has come together from many different areas of the world. And know that as you are preparing for your group project, is that not to unify the entire world? So what better for it than this group that is beginning the process? You are doing it right in this group. We are very pleased here and we will continue to do our part. We will continue to send them to you and to guide them to you. Whether they stay or not is up to you and those things that you do in the group, if it resonates with them. But we will send them.

We are done at this time. We want to say keep on keeping on, people. You have much to look forward to.

Shanti! Peace be with you. Be the One!

Channeled by  Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
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