Thorivee Iveenia – Mother Earth and Father Sky – a Reflection – a Questionaire – a Teaching – 5-28-14

Earth – Our Mother – God Our Father – who are we?
Do you guess – who you are to be?
Yes, for us it is absolutely clear that we take our planet for granted.
We seed but what if Earth decided to stop growing what we planted?
What if we were thirsty but Earth decided to stop sweet water?
Will we scream or sing the “Stabat Mater”
Yes the pain is terribly high
But it’s not enough to just sigh
I have questions lots of them
Would you stomp on a gem?
Would it be sheer bliss to explode a firecracker in your mother’s womb?
But we do that – in our planet’s womb…we explode an atomic bomb
And still nobody wants to comprehend
A thin shell which might explode ANY moment…


Ever occurred to you that you better take care?
Not just look at others or just stare…
Spitting in her face, throwing garbage on the street
Smoked cigarettes landing in front of your feet
Think well how to treat your mother
Can we reach a planet – i.e. another?
If she dies will we survive?
Or will we lose our life?
I think it is time to turn around
Feeling well – where we are bound
She must love us so very much
That she still bears us after such a touch
That she still feeds us with lots of treasures
And we still are not grateful – we have no measures
I feel sad to treat mother that way
What do you have to say?
Maybe this poem makes you understand and see
What she does for you and me
Maybe you will think she is dead – not alive
Then I feel really sorry for you
I wrote this for her but for you too
To understand whom you owe your life
Yes – mother and father are one
You are their daughter or son
Look around well and understand
There is no race, religion, color – just a hand
Know well what wars will do
Where those lead you to
Learn to live and see through your heart
That will switch our planet to a new start.

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