Pearls of Purity by Sunita Bapooji – Union between Heart and Mind

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In this episode Master Sunita explores “Manasu” usually thought of as Mind, but in truth it is the Union between Heart and Mind. Thinking and Feeling together becomes Manasu.

She clarifies that we all know of Physical heart on left side of body, but Ancient wisdom says that we have one more heart, the Spiritual heart on the right side. Yogic wisdom also mentions that there is an energy center called “Anahatha” energy
center which is right in the middle between physical and spiritual hearts. These three together makes what we call “Heart”.

Mind is everywhere, because each cell has Mind. So wherever cell is there, Mind is there. But master says that mind needs to be purified through friendship, compassion, kindness, goodness, and understanding everyone no matter what.

And ultimately the union of Mind and Heart leads to Healing of the Self and humanity.
She also explores in this episode various divine renditions of Saint Thyagaraja on “Manasu” and also ancient scriptures that have mentioned about Manasu and its various implications on day to day life.

“Mananaath traayathe ithi mantraha”.
Power of chanting Mantras is revealed only when there is union of Heart and mind.
It does not matter intellectually how many ever scriptures we read/learn, unless this union exists.

“Manah prasamanopayah yoga itya bhidhiyat”
For peace in Manasu, we need Yoga or Union.

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