Bridging Heaven & Earth Show with Patricia Cota Robles and the Music of Lessia

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Patricia, who also appeared on “Bridging” Show # 17 with Kay Eileen Meyer and Marilynn, is an internationally known spiritual teacher, lecturer, and author. She is on the Board of Advisors of the Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation and is co-founder of the non-profit, educational organization, “New Age Study of Humanities Purpose”, which sponsors an Annual World Conference on Illumination every August. This is a most powerful night, as Patricia speaks about being in the midst of the most accelerated shift of consciousness the world has ever seen.

Patricia says “It is time to live the reality of ‘All that my Father-Mother God has is mine.'” She talks about accepting our Divine Birthright of Heaven on Earth. Her main message is that our time for victory is now at hand. What we need to do now is remember who we are and why we are here.

Lessia was so universally acclaimed for her appearance on Show #82 with Carolyn Kleefeld and on Show #101 with Robert Wilkinson that we wanted to make every effort to have her return to “Bridging” for another appearance. While we are still trying to work out an available date for a later show, we were able to get two videos of Lessia’s music for this show. One, “Sunrise” was performed by Lessia (and friends) at the 2000 Christmas Unity telethon, while the other, “All the Same Love”, was sung by Lessia live on “Bridging”. Both of these songs will be on Lessia’s recently released new album, produced by Allan and Lessia, “Lessia Bridging Heaven & Earth”.

Lessia is an international award-winning singer, keyboardist, composer, producer, and arranger. Her four popular family recordings–“Each and Every Miracle”, “Prayer for Peace”, “Listen to Me Pharaoh”, and “It’s All in How You See Things”, have met with phenomenal success throughout the world. Many other recording artists, as well as choirs of all ages, continue to perform and record her material. Lessia recently was hired by Dreamworks as a consultant on their movie, “Prince of Egypt.” She has regularly appeared on local and national television and has been commended by the White House for her work with young people. Lessia’s songs reflect a sincere belief that every person has a special and unique voice in the world. Her deep connection with pre-teens and teenagers has led her to include their tender voices in all her albums and most of her performances.

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