ContraMary – Proceeding Forward – Getting Close To Ascension – Pronounced Ascension Symptoms – Activation Codes – 5-27-14

6887c-pure_waterIt is getting direr all the time ….  The download of solar energies is  ever increasing and I – so it appears to me – are right in the middle of everything. Outside life is putting me from one test to the next and as I am approachi8ng the age of 80 my health is being greatly affected too by these energies all coming down to us… one never knows is it the somewhat very difficult integration of energies into my body and will vanish again at the right time or are these pains I have to endure around my heart due to the ageing body of former duality ???   I really do not know it and it is almost impossible to find out the real reason for all those ailments ! One issue adds up to the other here, I even do not like eating much and all these upheavals felt like dizziness and sickness in the stomach, tearing pains in my breast …  it may have any reason even hunger which consciously is not being felt at all. Any food is met by myself with a certain amount of disgust too.

So this is the update of Now for me and after spending another of these terrible nights with all such pains which made me arouse from sleep eveery other third hour …. I felt utterly sick against when today’s morning dawned ….

I tried everything I do know, I called for the assistance of AARaphael and his emerald-green flame of Healing Power,
I called for the blue flame of AAMichael’s assistance yet not very successful   ( Link is: ToolBox . I decided to call out for help to my Twinflame Soltec and by way of some meditation meet him on his Lightship Phenix as usual. And so I did – and complained about my ailings to him …. He at once called out to the our  All-Father and the Divine Mother … as time has come now that some new and splendid balance between the female and masculine Gender has been established Now.  And also all the others members of our celestial family assembled too.  It was quite fully crowded there in the control room of the ship!  Then they all decided to put me into one of the light-chambers without any delay … and there I was enveloped in some gorgeously brightening light …. thinking and pondering what else I could do from my very own part too adding hereto my very own individual part.

And there came a sudden idea like flashing through me. The newly gained and returned balance of our Divine Parents – Father and Mother – and the subsequent creation of Platinum Silver White Light of them ! Yes this was what I wanted to flow into this light chamber and both their faces appeared above me agreed joyfully to meet my request.
As the Divine Mother has already endowed me with the Silver-Platinum-Diamond Shield through Isabel
(Link: The Permanent Shield of Protection of the Divine Mother – Der Dauer-Schutz-Schild der Göttlichen Mutter (bilingual)  this particular light from above met that one of her Diamond Shield too and
looking upward expectantly I was able to perceive something else flowing down on me amidst this beautiful ligjt,

There came down on me right into my innermost heart … those healing codes restoring cellular damages of the my human body ” 33 45 634 ”  all flooding down with the Platinum-Silvery-Dimanond Light of our Heavenly Parents … spreading and settling down in my heart’s core and all around it.  (For these Codes please see link: Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma – !-

Pains were greatly reduced and also did the sick feelings in my stomach …. I just was lieing there and enjoyed greatly what was being done on me ….  The parental divine faces above me …. the downpouring light of  them carrying the Code Nos. for restauration of all my damaged bodily cells in and around my heart ….. widening my heart and my sight pervading all obstacles and walls too. I could  see all my siblings there and there came still some other one : Mother Gaia being freed  now in all her beauty!   She came up the newly built channel of love in the colour of Silvery Brown and connected herself to all my Family from the Stars.

This was some great Jubilee ..

when she joined again the rest of my Star Family !

And all of a sudden I realized what happened at that very moment:  This was the Re-Union of Heaven and Earth !

dove inside sphere
Mother Gaia brought up from her liberated heart all her powerful energies purified and restored to their pristine glamour and there was a huge interchanging of Heaven-and-Earth’ Energies and  all were jubilating and enjoying it.  It was something like a real “Joint Venture” of all the Powers of Heaven and Earth ! Yes, this was it – a sort of of Chymical Wedding or Chemical Marriage of what prophecies on earth have told since long  ago that it would happen once towards the end of this cycle …when our celestial parents will call for our return home again….

So I today went through in my specific way what has been foretold so many times in spiritual communities will happen to us striving eagerly to go home eventually from where we left once to experience this great adventure of duality and being bereft of all our celestial powers and knowledge while dwelling here on Planet Earth.

Now I do know ! I am grateful ! And I rest in the immense Love of all Universes and our Godly Parents !


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