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lightning_freedom_tower_140523_video_snip[UPDATE: I forgot to mention and thank Dave Stewart for posting these and several other events on his Facebook page. Thanks Dave!!!]

There is absolutely NO coincidence among these events. Synchronicity. Synchronicity. Synchronicity.

The Vatican… the EU… the USA corporation. All struck by lightning. Within 3 days. This indicates so strongly that these groups are going down. They are being shocked, illuminated, and brought down.

  1. 5-20-14… Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas Pachon announces retirement.Video (with Kevin Annett) below. (okay, this is a “virtual” lightning strike)
  2. 5-22-14, The Shard (London; EU’s tallest building)… struck by lightning.Video below.
  3. 5-23-14, Freedom Tower… struck by lightning (2 days after it had opened). Video below. (Freedom Tower opened on 5-21-14).




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