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(Continued from Part 5.)

I’d like to give today’s installment over to the description of a wayshower – we’ll call her “Maria” – of her own Ascension. Maria is now back as a gatekeeper bringing others through the Ascension portal.

My Ascension Journey April 3, 2014

by Maria

The Mother’s Clarity, Purity and Love is working its magic on me, washing away my old debris and lighting up the way. When I go deep in the ocean and stand in the Tsunami of Love, I can feel my pain washing away.

But there has been this piece of debris that was stuck, a piece of debris that wouldn’t dislodge from my screen so I asked this morning to journey into the debris ~ a big chunk of pain sitting in my throat, my throat chakra.

First I asked to see the debris in this lifetime. I was shown how as a small child, a lid was put on my crib at night to “keep me safe” so I wouldn’t climb out and wake up my brother or hurt myself.

I was shown how I didn’t understand this. There were a few other incidents that happened that I also didn’t understand, that made me angry, fearful and saying to myself I would not trust, and should not trust humans.

Then I saw how I did not trust myself ~ how I would give my power/my value/my worth away and how I believed in this way of being. They showed me how I was caught in the miasma of illusion.

So this morning I asked to go into this illusion ~ deep into the Pain. I felt it rise up in me, choke me. I saw images that I had been avoiding because they were so painful and with tears running down my face, I raised my arms and gave it all away.

I gave away the old Fear, Anger, Pain, Sorrow and Disappointment in myself, lodged in my very structure, to all the Beings around me. It tingled off my fingertips and turned into rainbows of Light, instantly transmuted.

Then I asked to be filled with light, with energy and lots and lots and lots of Joy, rainbows of Joy.

Energized, now I wanted to go into the distant past, one life in particular, a French girl in the early 1900’s, an aspect that had showed up in my heart in great sorrow. When she showed up, I hugged her and cried with her and wrapped her in a purple blanket and put her in a purple healing chair.

I kept wanting her to emerge from the chair and walk through the white waterfall of light into my heart but she wouldn’t.

So this morning I asked her to show me her pain and sorrow. She showed me herself as a small girl, all alone, with a suitcase at a train station, no family – abandoned. She showed me how big the world seemed to be, black and confusing. I asked her where her Mother was and she showed me a stern looking woman in a chair dressed in old-fashioned clothes, unhappy, not moving.

I sat down on the floor and invited this little girl to come and sit with me. I surrounded myself with babies and animals and my own little me from this life and said, “Come and have fun with us.” She refused and turned away.

I asked her why. She said she didn’t trust. That she was separated, abandoned and couldn’t find her way. That the world was big and scary and not loving and she was very, very sad and alone.

I asked her to trust me, that I was of the Light, that she could come home now where there is no separation. She slowly turned towards me and then ran and jumped in my arms with a big smile and a small laugh and said, “Now you get it.”

She said that I must remember that every connection with another is sacred, that we are all of God, that we are all God’s children. That when we are talking to any being upon Gaia we are talking to God. That we are all Perfect sparks of God’s Love and Worth.

She said if we can remember that and honor that, we can build a new way of being ~ Nova Earth ~ heart connections, knowing that every being is Sacred with their own connections to Source, Love, and Worth.

With that said, she took my hand and we walked into the waterfall of Light. Her adult self appeared in the waterfall alongside her. She was hunched over and carrying something but she stood in the waterfall and then wanted to come with us.

We walked down some stairs into a large cave with a fire surrounded by many beings. She gave me what she was carrying and motioned for it to go into the fire. It was a big old heavy dirty log. I took it and stood it up in the flames of the fire. The flames turned purple and my lower body heated up and light shot up through my body and out my crown chakra.

I was the light going up, up, up ~ a sensation of intense flying with intense breathing, a knowing to focus and to keep going, to keep breathing. After what seemed like quite a long period of time, I arrived at a place of brightness, what appeared to me as a beautiful white cloud where I was surrounded by Beings, my Circle of guides and many others in loving celebration, joy and excitement.

The celebration went on for a while and when it was over, I became a golden stream of light pouring down the path I had just flown up. My physical body filled to brimming with a golden glow, containing a sense of great wonder and awe that lasted well into the next day.

I have greater understanding now, an expansion in the Mother’s words, in Linda Dillon’s book, The New You, “The keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness, the doorway is Love.”

The trust for me is my Trust in God/Source and the forgiveness is my Forgiveness of everything that looks, tastes and feels like our separation from God/Source.

I Am Nova Being in physical form, connected to God/Source ~ self-love, self-worth.

(Concluded in Part 7.)


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