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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Welcome to my video about authenticity in the New. What does is really mean to be authentic? It is so common nowadays to hear the words: “Just be authentic. Just be yourself!” It has become such a common phrase. The fact of the matter is, that most often we don’t go deep enough into that statement and explore the energy dynamic behind it, when those words are being used. A lot of times we believe that simply doing what we love means to be authentic. Is that enough, is that all that is to it?

Authenticity in the New equals being in a sacred space of Divine Love all the way. This means being in alignment with the Integral Whole, not just the individual self that we often perceive ourselves to be through the aspect of our personality. When we perceive ourselves as a consciously aware Soul Essence, we also perceive ourselves as One with all Life in Creation, which includes everyone else and all other Life forms. This means that we don’t just do things that please just us, for we walk in Grand alignment with All That Is, through utter Divine Love of our Being. When we are authentic in our Hearts, we are authentic in living as an embodiment of Divine Love … each in our own unique way, through the individual Soul expression that we embody.

But being authentic doesn’t just mean bluntly doing or saying anything that we feel without Grace, especially if that comes through lack of integrity and at the expense of hurting others. When we hurt another through negative patterns (such as judgment, blame, jealousy, spreading lies, rumors and gossip, etc.), we actually hurt ourselves first. So authenticity in Divine Love means standing in our Divine Grace, walking the path of spiritual mastery, adulthood and maturity. It means owning our energy, mastering our lower self in order to live our Higher Self. It means to love all without any conditions and to serve the bigger picture. It is only then, that we can actually become the real us … our Soul, for our Soul knows only benevolence.

When we are authentic in Divine Love, we live through the Soul Essences such as Beauty, Wisdom, Compassion, Honor, Dignity, Courage, Power … to name just a few. We live in Love and as Love embodied. We become pure Grace!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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