Karen Dover – Deliverance In Truth – 5-23-14


The heightening New Earth energies and the expansion of the human energy signature is unfolding rapidly. For many of you the past few linear days may have seen much rise up within you, patterns that you had never seen before suddenly illuminated within your very BEing. It may be that you have had moments of intense clarity and at other moments you may have struggled to place words together to make a sentence. So much is shifting and changing and morphing that the human logical mind may at times struggle to adapt to the expansion.

At a very human conscious waking mind level you are now stepping into full multi and inter dimensionality. This is only achieved by letting go fully of ALL BLUEPRINTS that you have anchored deeply within the cellular structure of your human vehicle.  These “blueprints” mask the choices that you have at a human conscious waking mind level, for there is choice upon choice upon choice open to ALL in their chosen human form but much of it will remain hidden if you are running the distorted blueprints that were TAUGHT to humanity within the old 3D earth created reality.

At this present time I am working on my latest book which is a very personal account of my life in the old 3D earth created reality and in particular my walk through domestic abuse. I have put off writing this book for many years, it has come up over and over again the need to accept and to acknowledge all that unfolded and as I have begun the journey then I have begun to illuminate the BLUEPRINTS that I have been running. This has as I have dissolved them fully worked to widen and expand the choices that I have in this my human form and has allowed me to illuminate parts of my human life  that I had been TAUGHT to shut down.

It is not possible to work to expand the heart space whilst allowing any teachings still to run. The expansion of the New Earth energies are working to illuminate and help dissolve ANY frequency of containment. It is often underestimated just how many teachings are imprinted and anchored into the human vehicle from the moment that you are born upon this earth.  These are what you have built your foundation with, it matters not that these blueprints have been running unconsciously, that is why they were TAUGHT in the ways that they were TAUGHT. The frequency that they resonate to is not supported in the New Earth so any attempt at trying to build upon these foundations will see you de-construct what you are attempting to build. It is akin to SELF SABOTAGE and was the reason that you were TAUGHT these blueprints in the old 3D earth created reality.  At no point within the old 3D earth created reality were you supported in the act of CREATION, you were TAUGHT over and over DE-CONSTRUCTION.


Many of you at this time may be in a quandary wondering why things you are attempting to manifest are falling apart, they will fall apart if you are using the distorted blueprints as a foundation.  As the blueprints are deeply hidden you may not be aware and as they blind then you will not see the choice that sits just outside of your vision.  YOUr SOUL will continually try to show you that which is playing out, working to step back from the triggered emotion or working to ACKNOWLEDGE the triggered emotion will help you illuminate the blueprint which MUST be dissolved before your energy signature can move into expansion.

At this time you are asked to refrain from distractions, to stop trying to convince yourself that you are “okay” when in fact a deep emotion is coursing through your very BEing. ADMIT to yourself the emotion and then watch as all begins to illuminate. There is no pretending, no walking around and certainly no reburying of any emotions at this time. This is not supported in the New Earth.

That which is supported is FLOW, TRUTH and the LOVE that IS. The foundation of the LOVE that IS seeks to ankhor deeply within the cellular structure of your human vehicle. LOVE of SELF is paramount in this part of the unfolding and you do yourself no service to run from these energies. Many of you have called for DELIVERANCE and and end to suffering, this is ONLY achieved by dissolving of ALL teachings in regard to the old 3D earth created reality.






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