Archangel Michael with Steve Beckow – Is Ascension Beginning? – Part 4 – 5-22-14

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(Continued from Part 3.)

During Ascension itself, AAM cautioned us to anchor to Gaia when we ascend:

“When you ascend, it is important that you anchor with and on Gaia. Otherwise your feet, quite literally, are not on the ground.

“So when people can experience and go, jump, to the higher dimensions available within the human experience, it is important in the Ascension, both individual and collective, that you stay connected with Gaia.

“Think of yourself as a helium balloon and Gaia is holding your string. So, as you ascend you will be at this time within the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, brushing the Eighth, brushing the Third, but not really in those dimensions. So for people to think that they are going to ascend and simply go directly to the Eleventh or Twelfth would not be fully correct.” (1)

And what will we see and feel after we have ascended in the phase we’re now entering?

“You will feel no pain. What you have thought of as dis-ease is gone. What you have experienced as financial strife or lack, gone. Because you know how to co-create. It is as if the light switch, the understanding of your place in the co-creation has been switched on.

“There is an end to strife. There is an end to war. There is an end to murder and mayhem. Because you do not murder and have no inclination to murder yourself. So how can you murder your brother when they are connected to you on the grid? Because that is the equivalent of murdering yourself.

“There is a knowingness that expands beyond your comprehension currently. And that knowingness is in your brain, in what you would think of as your mental body, your emotional bodies, your intellect, but primarily your heart. Because that is your anchor. It always has been.” (2)

How will Gaia appear to us? He said:

“It appears more sparkling clean. The complete communication with the elements, the elemental, the kingdoms and Gaia herself is completely open. There is an understanding and a vision of the subtle cleansing and reorganization of what you can think of as the light body and the particles of Gaia herself. So yes, she does appear differently.

“And so do the animals. So do the creatures. But it is not a different planet, and that is what so many are looking for. And then I would say to you, well, then, what would be the point? For the planet to appear completely different, to shift like in an ice age, is not desirable. It is not what she wants. She is tired of all the pollution and devastation. So the changes that you witness are the clean-up.

“So, does she, and will she, and will you look different? Yes. But will you be in form? Yes.” (3)

Turning from the internal to the external for a minute, there remains so much chaos in the world that many of us are wondering how it’ll be possible to ascend. He acknowledged our concern:

“Some of you still shake your heads as you look at your fellow humans, as you look at the mayhem, at the chaos, at the war, at the upheaval, at what appears to be a still strong establishment of institutions which are not reflective in any way, shape or form of love, and many of you still shake your heads, and say, ‘Lord, how is this even going to be possible?’”  (4)

We may have thought Ascension would lead us to a world that was greatly changed and in which no more work needed to be done, but in fact that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Reval may only just have happened or may not have happened at all; the Prosperity Packages and historic bonds, perhaps the same.  The work of building Nova Earth will not have begun in earnest.

He refers to that phase here:

“Now, as you enter this, does that mean that everything is done? Well, might I be humorous, and ask you ― what fun would it be if you arrived at the party finally only to discover that everything was done? No. What it looks like is humanity coming together, not to cleanse the Earth. Gaia is taking care of that. You will help cleanse, and so will your star brothers and sisters, but you will cleanse the rivers, the streams, the oceans, the soil, the air. But Gaia is already busy at work.” (5)

He addressed the matter of building Nova Earth after Ascension. He said many of us would do that work from dimensions higher than the Fifth.

“Now, once you have done your Ascension, are you free to move about? Of course you are. But the building and the creation of Nova Earth ― and we are talking about the human piece of Nova Earth, the human co-creation of Nova Earth, because the kingdoms and Gaia are already creating Nova Earth, and they are already participating in the higher dimensional reality ― but if you have your mission and purpose to assist, or desire to assist in the anchoring of what you, my friend, and I have called the Golden Age of Gaia, then you are primarily going to anchor in the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh dimension.” (6)

Tomorrow we’ll look at three further Ascensions in our future.

(Continued in Part 5.)

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