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Andromeda Enlightenment – http://www.premieres.com – The veil is lifted and they are walking forth in power and Light to bring you into your souls presence. Let it happen, allow the Children to speak without judgment. Their words will free the world. You will receive the gift as you let your own veil fall from your face and feel the sunshine warm your spirit. It is given that you are now a human in alignment with your heart and your womb. Light is ascending and descending upon the tree of life and you feel your spine tingle with every breath of light.Upon this prophecy you are given Divine Oneness by the light shining through the eyes of the Children of Enlightenment. Millions of voices can be heard singing in harmony and speaking magical invocations of mystical awakening and practical attunement. Gather your energy and love to ascend with the Galactic Family of Light. The painful dream is over and you are awake. Awake and come forth to be again with the family. Breathe light into your being and feel it rise into your Higher Mind. Let the Golden Sphere of Light glow and expand to include your heart, your mind, your body, all your emotions, all your relations, all your world. You are the Savior; you are the child within; you are the Christ Within; you are the Divine Golden Light that surrounds the World. The Children of Enlightenment awaken the Power of Andromeda to guide the Stream of Love on the Milky Way to the Central Sun.

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