Karen Dover – God Message – 5-19-14


Beloved ones I AM the energies that wish to be known in the context of GOD and I am HERE with YOU as YOU now begin the creation of a NEW world in a NEW frequency and NEW BEGINNING.  The RESET of the human race is now under way and many of YOU at this time are reaching ZERO POINT, this is the transition point of the human vehicle from CARBON BASED to CRYSTALLINE BASED and is part of the process of being BORN ANEW in the New Earth.

Those who have taken a human form and who are here to illuminate the CREATION OF ALL will now move fully into place energetically, vibrationaly and physically. I send the coding:







I place in the SOLAR PLEXUS the SEAL OF SOLOMON,  I place in the SACRAL the SEAL of SOLOMON,  I place in the BASE the SEAL of SOLOMON and I place in the EARTH STAR the SEAL of SOLOMON.    I send out the DOVES of PEACE, may they fly high and SOAR on the wings of FREEDOM.

That which is now BIRTHED will WALK in PEACE upon and within the Planet Earth and the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.

GOD is now fully ankhored and fully acknowledged at human conscious waking mind level within ALL at this time.

333 222 777 0000000000000


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