Archangel Gabriel – Oneness and Unity – Channeler Victoria Cochrane – 5-18-14

Archangel Gabriel

Oneness is unity. It is where all things in the universe are connected by infinite threads, and there is no separation between them. Oneness is awareness of self in the eyes of the Creator, who sees all his children as one with him and holds them in perfection. When you are one with the Creator you are loved unconditionally in all areas of your life. There is no judgement or condemnation, only love and light. To achieve oneness you need do nothing, for it is already so! To live your life in full awareness of oneness is another matter. Bring in the light of the Creator, into your heart space, into your breath and into your being. Hold his light as love and feel it as your love also, for the love of the Creator is also your own. Know that the love of the Creator lives and breathes in all things, and there is nothing that is separate from him or that is not loved by him. When you know the unconditional love of the Creator and live within His light you will also see everything from a place of love. One cannot judge others when one lives in the light and love of the Creator, nor can one judge oneself, because the Creator knows no such state.

And so it is.

I AM Archangel Gabriel.”

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