The Healing, Transformational Golden Energy Ball – Council of Angels via Goldenlight – 5-19-14

 Gold Energy Ball


Dear Friends,

This post was originally written in November of 2012….I’m coming across this information again about our Lightbody/Golden Energy Ball/Torus and will be expanding upon this in future messages. Today I came across some more info from the Thrive website which correlates with this information. I’ve published part of this below this post with a link to the full article, as well as an excellent video from the Thrive Movement.  Look at the golden torus-shaped energy ball around his body in the video…this is exactly what I saw in my original meditation! I’m going to work with this more and do a channeling on it at some point soon. More will be revealed! Love, Goldenlight

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In September 2012, I experienced a vision during a spiritual energy session….in the vision I was at a special part of my favorite beach where I always go during spiritual meditations. I found out later in one of my messages that this is a place of spiritual healing for me and also a portal to the 4th and 5th dimensions. (I have been going to this certain spot on the beach in my meditations for many years.) I then entered into this vision, and became a part of it. I saw my my energy session guide drawing a huge circle of golden light around herself, showing me how to do it in turn. She showed me how to construct with my thoughts a golden energy ball around me with me on the inside; I then experienced how this is a higher frequency energy device for teletransportation, manifestation and healing.

I received a telepathic message afterwards. This was also when my Council of Angels told me that they wanted me to share this information on a spiritual website, and that they had much information they wanted to relay to me to communicate on this site. The Golden Light Channel website was created in November of 2012. The number of visitors to the site bypassed 520,000 by May 2014. The Council of Angels also shared that they wanted me to build an art studio to create “lightworks” of art for assisting with ascension. (This art studio was created and will be re-opening soon for the 2014 Spring/Summer season)

Below is the message I transcribed about the Golden Energy Ball (my terminology). I later found out that part of the form of the energy ball is the Torus, which is the form of much of the life and energy in the universe. I first saw the torus in the movie “THRIVE” – there it was, the exact thing I had seen in my meditation.** Note: all my channeled messages are in “stream of consciousness” format, with very little punctuation or capitalization, often reading like a run on sentence, but this is how they come to me. My side of the communication is in italics. Some of this may seem unbelievable, but they assure me it is all true. Much of this will be coming to us as we enter the 5th dimension, and all of our 5th dimensional abilities will be awakened at that time (including telepathy, teletransportation, etc), as our DNA and chakras our being upgraded, and our new light body of Mer-Ka-Na is being formed, a lightbody which is crystalline-based instead of carbon-based. See my channeling on The Crystalline Grid & Shifting to Crystalline Energy in the 4th & 5th dimensions for more information on this.

This was one of my earlier channelings in late October, posted on 11-10-12 but is extremely relevant now. Indeed, as I read this, I am reminded to practice this meditation in this NOW moment. 🙂   -Goldenlight


The Healing, Transformational Golden Energy Ball – Council of Angels via Goldenlight

Channeled by Goldenlight,

GL: Tell me about the golden energy ball.. I discovered tonight the torus and what you showed me in the meditation is a torus..and that is how it can be used for healing teletransportation entering alternate realties etc.

Yes that is absolutely correct.. We helped you come across that information today this is part of the important information that we want to share with you. You can heal and change your body shape with it… heal relationships with the power of thought .. And teletransport to visit people also transport to alternate realities that you can manifest with your mind. This information on using this healing and transformational golden energy ball in this way is new information that no one has brought forth yet in this way, and it will help all who inhabit planet earth to heal and in changing over from carbon based to crystalline form just as the earth is also locking in its crystalline energy this new vibrational pattern is a higher octave and frequency and the healing torus will assist your body in making this transformation more smoothly.. It can also help with all healing and manifestation and in creating a life that you want and a world that you want… Creating peace and prosperity..

The first place I went while using the golden energy ball was to a nearby beach house that I love and I had bought it and was living in it…..then I imagined an alternate reality where there was a shift from how a certain aspect of my life had turned out, and I was able to briefly enter that reality. “Wow!,” I thought, “…amazing what a shift in perception can do!”

You can go there and practice whenever you need to… simply focus on what you wish to manifest then you can either observe or dissolve the energy bubble and enter into that reality.

What happens to the old reality?

All realities and possibilities exist simultaneously it’s just a matter of what you focus on as to where you are.

But are those other realities real?

Just as much as the one you are currently “in” is real yes.

How do I go into one of those alternate realities and be ” in” that one instead of this one?

It takes a little bit of practice but the more you visit the more real it becomes. This will all be easier after the shift, especially after the 12-12-12 portal opens up and definitely after the new frequencies are locked in after 12-21-12.

Start with easier things like manifesting the life you want for yourself and the body you want.. The alternate realities are at a more advanced level and after you master the manifestation teletransportation and healing you will advance more easily into alternate realities involving you and other people they are more complex and slightly more “advanced” to master but you are at a level now where you can manifest quickly and this energy device that we have shown you tonight will be most useful to you. Simply bring it around you with the light activation as we showed you in the meditation (we will give Goldenlight the steps of this meditation technique in another channeling so it may be used by All), then focus and concentrate on your desired manifestation (only to be used for your highest good), then visit yourself in this manifestation, and to make it real just dissolve the bubble! Think of your driveway … we helped with that to show you how quickly you can manifest now. With just a little bit of focus, you had a brand new driveway and walkway in two days!

Use the energy ball…focus in your mind to make it real then visit and dissolve the energy ball.. The more you visit the more real it will be then your current reality will catch up with it and events will naturally occur to lead up to the manifestation of it, including insights on some of the actions or steps you take that will lead up to its manifestation …Wow! Thank you so much for this gift. I promise to use it only for good and for healing.

Tell me about my art and spiritual transformation. (I had had a vision of me creating spiritually-inspired artwork during my “Reconnection” last summer, and received information during that session that part of my mission to be here on earth at this time was to create this art.)

The cosmic energies coming into your earth at this time can be channeled into your new art studio idea and into your abstract painting artwork.. Let divine inspiration guide you and inspire you along with all of the love the angels and your angelic council have for you. You are absolutely on the right track with your art studio/gallery in your garage and we have been sending you holographic thought forms of your new studio and art that is why you keep seeing images of your new studio. (Note: the art studio will soon be opening for the Spring/Summer and I will be creating more Lightworks of Art).

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