Tal Schaller and Host Lilou Mace – Importance of Liberating Emotions during Past Life Regressions

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Tal is a Swiss medical doctor. Wanting to go beyond the traditional modalities of an M.D. he became an acupuncturist, homeopath, dietician, psychotherapist and shaman. He then became an educator, instructing people that “health can be learned”. He has been a pioneer of wholistic medicine in Europe for more than 40 years and written many books about how to become the creator of one’s own health and happiness. For 15 years Tal has worked with Kinou-the-clown to teach laughter therapy in hospitals and schools. More than 20 years ago he met Johanne and they have been teaching together ever since. They have a center in Pierrelatte, in the South of France, and they travel frequently to give lectures and seminars.
– source : in english http://www.santeglobale.info/home/

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