Lightworker Bill Ballard – Back Home in Mississippi – Full Moon In Scorpio – 5-15-14

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I was on my way to Peru but made it to Miami where I was forced to turn around and come back to Mississippi because of circumstances both in Peru as well as the Airlines my flight was booked with.

I have been home for 6 weeks now and the energies have been really chaotic for me. Clearly the “2nd Ascension Wave” has awakened and is going through their “freaking out” about whats going on globally. I got home 6 weeks ago the day of Spring Equinox. Much has gone down since which I had no clear messages on and I didn’t understand until now…

Last nights Scorpio Full Moon and the deep clearing everyone planet wide is going through finally allowed me the first clear messages since my arrival. I get it and “see” it now… ha!

Its ALL good!


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