Karen Dover – Dissolving of the Templates of the Old 3D Earth-Created Reality In Truth – 5-15-1



Many of you at this moment may be having various emotional reactions to that which is unfolding around you. Today is a day of COMPLETION and as such the New Earth energies are peaking once more in order to illuminate and to hold space for the dissolving in TRUTH of ALL that YOU have been TAUGHT is your human life experience here on this planet.

I spoke with KRISTA DICKAN on Tuesday Evening on her Blog Talk Radio Show and this evening (Thursday) I am once again speaking with Krista and we will be discussing how to work with these intense energies and how to allow the expansion that YOUr SOUL is now crying out for at a very human conscious waking mind level.  The link to Krista’s show can be found HERE .  Please feel free to call in or to ask questions through the chat box on the site as this is a walk into the “unknown” at a very human conscious waking mind level.

The outer waking human reality is about to take a huge leap, a huge shift in its reflection, many of you at this time may be feeling the huge surge of energy and this may build within you a sense of “urgency” that you may be at a loss to explain. The “urgency” relates fully to the ability to LET GO completely, the human race has been bound in vibration chains for aeons, FED templates that TEACH the human life experience is a certain way and then human society constructed to continiously refer to these “templates”.  The emotional response that you may be experiencing may FEEL extreme but it is necessary, it is the PURGING of the lower dimensional frequencies from within the cellular structure of your human vehicle and it does not relate “only” to this human life time, it relates to ALL experiences that you have had/have in the old 3D earth created reality.

The human race as a whole now move in frequency, it is to be remembered that you cannot get this wrong, YOU are the creator of this YOUr human life experience each moment of each moment. LET GO and allow the flood of the New Earth energies to show you the rainbow after the rain, to show you the miracles that you have been TAUGHT to deny to SELF, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question” – the human race given definition after definition of what “love” is, now the UNIVERSE of 3 and YOUr SOUL are showing you LOVE in TRUTH.  This energy begins from within YOUr HEART space and then radiates out within, around and through your very BEing.

Allow the tears to release the hold, allow the realisation that YOU are MORE to ANKHOR and allow self to be loved by SELF.






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