Karen Dover – Embracing the USA in Truth – 5-13-14


For those of you who have sent me messages of welcome I send you much love and eternal happiness, the movement to the shores of the USA was a journey in itself with clear signs and symbols along the way. The flight itself physically being one of having to be in the NOW moment, those of you who know me personally will know that I am not that “at one” with being thousands of feet in the air and being reminded of this throughout the flight.  Arriving in a “new” time zone seeking to disorientate me further, but a journey is about the EXPERIENCE of said journey as you embrace each moment of each moment, so here I sit in a different culture, different climate and a different reality, the look on my sons face priceless when the pilot announced prior to arrival the “local” temperature.  The ability to sit and to soak up sunshine a very amazing experience, the physical rebalancing from a flight ongoing as the human vehicle now tries to adjust to new temperatures and new foods.

Letting go is necessary at all moments of all moments, as I have walked this path I have come to understand the need to let go fully of the need to “see” past the next few hours, the need to make “plans” for each time I have attempted this the universe has unplugged me and prevented me from taking such action, as “planning” is a linear 3d concept this I understand fully but the actual movement of the human vehicle into expansion whilst trying to let go of “planning” has unfolded in many interesting ways.  The more I can stay in the NOW moment and relax the easier I am finding this transition, what is becoming more and more obvious is that the way in which I now interact with my surroundings is now expanding in new ways.

I had announced last week (in a linear framework) the need for the human race now to move into physical creation of the New Earth and to this end  I will be discussing the New Earth with Krista Dickson tonight at 8pm (EST, USA) on Blog Talk Radio.  My arrival in the USA FEELS so much more expansive than the landscapes I have walked through and dissolved in order to get here. There is a huge expansion that will now unfold over the coming 3 linear days and the talk with Krista tonight is but the start of information that I am guided to share over the coming 3 linear days. I will of course be live on the Pyramid One Network tomorrow night on Beyond the Looking Glass  (wednesday, 7pm EST, USA) and I will be talking with Krista once more on Thursday evening. Both the Wednesday and Thursday evening shows are interactive in that I will be taking questions live. If you have a question then please call in (view the respective radio station websites for information on how to call in).

At this time there are massive energetic changes to both the planet and the human race, we are now moving fully into expansion and moving BEYOND the matrix of the old 3D earth created reality and this is bringing up various anxieties within the human vehicle. Whilst I fully understand the need of the human logical mind to hold on to or try to reference life in relation to what has been created FOR the human race and which it has lived WITHIN for aeons this is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth.  Many of you may be asking “what happens next?” whilst filtering out that this brings you out of the NOW moment and back to the logical human mind. There is no way to “plan” the New Earth in that you are not given a blueprint and asked to follow it, you are asked to FLOW and be OPEN with all that is now moving and shifting in your outer waking reality.

The world will no longer resemble what you know to be “familiar”, that much is now very obvious and the reason for my movement to the USA is now being shown to me to new levels.  ALL ARE ONE and YOU are more powerful that you realise at any level of your BEing, at this time you are asked to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and TRUST in SELF, from this ALL else flows.

Join me for the next 3 linear days as I step into my role as BRIDGE between the New Earth and the reality that YOU have been TAUGHT to believe is all that there is.  If you have a question please ask for the information sits at SOUL level, there is nothing that cannot be achieved, there is nothing that cannot be expanded upon, the interaction is NEEDED by your human vehicle as it now aligns perfectly with ALL in the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.





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