Lisa Frideborg Lloyd – Do All People Belong to an Earth Angel Realm or Is It Just LightWorkers? – 5-12-14

Earth Angel by Marija Schwartz. I do not own the copyright.

The big question everyone seems to be asking now over at the Certified Realm Readers Course Facebook Page is whether just Lightworkers belong to an Earth Angel Realm or if, in fact, all human beings (as sons and daughters of Mother-Father God) belong to one of the Realms.

I think the key thing to remember is that Earth Angels have one thing in common: we are aware that we are different to others and we have a strong desire to assist people and the planet in one way or another. I don’t say this to diminish the divinity of those who are not Earth Angels but most humans are here to learn and have just started their karmic-cosmic journey.

In order to belong to a realm, you have to have spent time in that (or those) realms. In other words, if you are on your first incarnation and haven’t spent time elsewhere, you cannot possibly be from even the Earth Earth Angel Realm that the Wise Ones (old souls) belong to.  There are many young souls on Earth today and that is why the planet is in such a state.

Old Souls and incarnated Elementals, Star People and Angels are ascending much quicker because they have worked through (or have an innate understanding of) the lower density karma lessons already and are thus capable of serving as guides, healers, teachers and counsellors to all of those who do not (yet!) belong to an Earth Angel Realm.

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