Karen Dover – Unplugging of the Human Vehicle from the Old 3D Earth Created Reality in TRUTH – 5-7-14

Karen Dover


As the chaos now unfolds across and within the Planet Earth the old 3D earth is being dissolved and swept away moment to moment.  In this your human form you are TAUGHT to relate your human vehicle to that which APPEARS to be your life experience here upon this planet.  This is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth realityfor this creates a containment that the SOUL cannot work with multi or inter dimensionally.  From the moment you took your first breath upon this planet you have constantly been TAUGHT to reference the human vehicle in relation to what  is shown to you by said human vehicle externally. The universe is by DESIGN and it is no accident or co-incidence that within the old 3D earth reality that you are constantly TAUGHT what your human vehicle must look like, how it must be taken care of etc, this is all to keep you WITHIN the frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality and designed to prevent you from expansion.  As you worry about how you compare body wise to those who share this planet with you then you take yourself out of the NOW moment and anchor frequencies of lower dimensional old 3D earth creation.  I would place before you the adverts that appear in the old 3D earth created reality that prompt you to have ever perfect teeth, ever perfect body shape and the ever perfect life experience and these are designed to trigger the fear and the anxiety that is the creation of the lower dimensional frequencies.

Now as you move into the higher dimensional frequencies and begin to anchor them they will push to the very surface of your BEing these lower dimensional frequencies, as I have blogged previously frequencies can only resonate with frequencies within a similar range, too far out of range and they begin to repel, the New Earth frequencies are repelling the lower dimensional frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality in order to move them PHYSICALLY out of the cellular structure of your human vehicle. This allows for VAST expansion but at a very human conscious waking mind level may trigger you hugely for you have spent lifetimes referencing your human life THROUGH your human vehicle. Now you are asked to unplug your human vehicle from the old 3D earth created reality in order to allow for expansion of your SOUL through, around and within said human vehicle and it is vital that you begin to work WITH this process.

Trying to prevent this process is not possible, all that happens is that your outer waking world gains in chaotic appearance and you begin to explore the fear that arises as the frequencies begin to be illuminated, this process is here to help you dissolve these frequencies, there is NO requirement to experience and to attempt to re-anchor them, it is not possible to re-anchor them, they will just go around in a loop until you can disconnect and step back from what is being experienced at this time. TRUST in your SOUL is vital at this time, no one in human form has ever experienced this prior to this moment so there are NO reference points for this process, reaching out to the mirrors that are around you is akin to trying to brush your hair looking in a mirror and changing the hairstyle of your REFLECTION only. It is not possible but many of you may be attempting this at this moment.

child and stars

Movement of your human vehicle out of the containment frequencies of the old 3D earth created reality allows for your SOUL to connect at a deeper and more expansive level, this allows for visions to be experienced that are here to help you confirm that which is happening at a purely human conscious waking mind level, in plain english it allows you to experience ONENESS. It is to be remembered that only YOU are having this YOUr human life experience and as such need no reference points for those who share this life experience with you, labels are no longer necessary as you move into full multi and inter dimensionality, so trying to reference someone as a “husband”, “wife”, sister” “brother” etc will also begin to dissolve, there are  many teachings in relation to labels within the old 3D earth created reality and these run hidden within your energy signature. ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

At this time YOU are asked to BREATHE and BE and allow the mirage that is the old 3D earth created reality to dissolve before your eyes in order to show you the miracle that is the UNIVERSE you are incarnate into, in the human vehicle that you have chosen and the human life experience that you are only NOW living in TRUTH.





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