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Lisa Gawles


Wheeeeeee!!  Are you enjoying this new ride called May??  Ok, granted we are only into the 4th or 5th day (depending where in the world you are) but a lot is happening none the less, at least, energetically.

From what I (now) understand, the arrival into this new earth took us three full days to completely “unpack” our energy systems.  A brand new flower of life AKA merkabah coming into bloom.  I use the word bloom quite purposely, at least, that is how I am “seeing” it.  We arrived here, on this new, exciting, fully functional earth kind of like a flower bud, tightly furled together.  With each passing moment, we started to bloom, unfurl into our expanded energy system of Life.

For me, yesterday (the 3rd) the action seemed to be set at my solar plexus.  OMG, I woke up feeling like I was on a tilt-a-whirl ride all night long.  The nausea was intense.  At first I couldn’t even concentrate due to the spin in my stomach, but as the day went on, I did learn to spin with it I suppose.  But it also comes as a bookend to the brain spin I had last week.  But after seeing all the readings yesterday, the evolution of the energy system we are now a dynamic part of, I get it, at least, my part in the process.

The intensity of change moving in thru my crown, affecting my brainwaves and consciousness, changing every element within my body structure and moving out into the expanded creation field (life) thru my solar plexus.  Now, what exactly this means to me, we shall see and use I suppose.  lol

However the expanded energy will affect some differently, depending on, well, you life has in store for you and vise verse.  Some will feel this energy most intensely at the heart/lung center, others the sacral chakra, others the hands and feet.  All is perfect.  Some may not even feel the expansion and that doesn’t mean you missed the boat at all.  I personally experience every ounce of energy change so I can fully understand from the inside out and the outside in, the process at hand, so I can be clear and more accurate about what is happening.  Yay, lucky me! lol

But even more than what is happening to the single human, I find it very interesting what is happening to the humans in “Consciously” partnered. loving relationships.  Key word here being conscious or spiritually aware and interactive.  You are joining together a brand new merkabah, to explore, expand and USE together as one energy system… one mind if you will.

Also, what is also contained in this new expanded flower of life energy system are a lot of energy seeds/packets that house multidimensional frequencies.  This is one key reason why our friends from the stars have invaded our awareness (with love of course.)  They have the ability to open those pathways quicker than if we tried to figure it our ourselves.  Equally tho, each multidimensional DNA activation brings to life the ability(s) wet within them.

I really got to understand the fullness of this thru one of the couple readings I had set for yesterday (I had two.)  Their reading was completely hijacked by their friends from the stars.  What I find wonderful, exciting even, is how aware your.our friends are of our own momentary evolutionary moments.

This would not be the first time a reading was “hijacked” but it is the first time they changed my attention from one place (back yard, where I do all the readings) to the front yard (where I do the ET courses.)  I actually had to change seats in my house lol.  This connection occurred while I was still on the intense tilt-a-whirl ride and being on the verse of puking.  They presented themselves up in the sky, remained in their ship and created a barrier/energy field to communicate to their humans/friends.  They said they did it this way as to not send too much energy into me, as I was in a delicate energy state to begin with, yet they really needed the attention of this couple, so they took the opening to introduce themselves.

How incredibly kewl is that!!??

Ohhhh… on a completely different note…

There are many things now on this new earth, this pristine, vibrant new earth that needs to be understood in its own evolutionary changes.  Take, for example, crystals (because this has come up in more than one connection) have been used so much in their “healing” capacity that now, we must understand how they work in this new earth.  They too, are more fully expanded in their frequencies than ever before.  They will assist in our expansion as we assist them in their own.  But, not from yesterdays use or understandings.

This place we are in now and the bodies we occupy within it, is perfect.  Pristine.  Meaning, there is nothing left to heal, instead, we are creators, master builders and must (if we choose to stay here on this new earth) put our attention and energy to that.

On that note, Let the games and building begin!!

((((HUGZ)))) of tremendous excitement and creative power to ALL!!  Ohhhh, and I so love the smell of your new flower(s)


Lisa Gawlas

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