ArchAngel Uriel Message – Channeler Gulcin Onel (Mavinin Sesi) – 5-5-14

Archangel Uriel 3


You are gaining clarity, the fog is clearing, and clouds are leaving. You feel fully strong about who you are and most importantly, you are clarifying. Your indecisions are being erased, the sun that rises inside you lights your every piece, shedding light behind the unseen. The light overflows from inside outwards, everywhere you pass becomes light, and everything you touch becomes light. You have discovered your gifts, remembered your talents. Now is the time to use them in your daily life. If there are any of you saying I have not yet gained clearness, know that you will reach there by going into your heart, not by thinking. We are sending the signs. Beyond all your perceptions, in the depths of what you know, allow a spark form your soul to illuminate everything. It is time to share these beautiful things that are overflowing from inside towards the outside. It is time to come out of your hiding place. Trust the voice inside you, when starting your day, ask yourself, do you have a message for me? And let yourself into whatever is flowing from infinity. You are developing, growing in every sense and you are beginning to enjoy the trip. As you enjoy it, you are renewed in every step, coming together with your gifts.

Love and Light

ArchAngel Uriel


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